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Quickenings are Final Fantasy XII 's answer to Limit Breaks or Overdrives. They can be executed in battle when a character has full MP. All playable characters have access to three Quickenings, Espers have access to one and some enemy characters also have access to one. Player Quickenings, once activated from the battle menu, bring the player to a button combo that must be entered correctly to continue to the next character's Quickening in the chain. Players can chain multiple Quickenings together and will occasionally receive a special elemental attack at the end of the chain. The more MP bars the player has, the more Quickenings they have access to. Once they have the third bar, they can use the third and highest level Quickening. Like Espers, Quickenings empty the entire MP bar. If the player chooses to use a third level Quickening, all three bars will be depleted. Other characters in the chain won't lose their MP, only the one who initiated the chain will. Esper Quickenings are activated when an Esper's time limit runs out.