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After escaping the Dreadnought Leviathan, you will stop at the western edge of the westersands, and just before the sandsea.

There is one hunt in the region you're entering. You can head to the Sandsea tavern to get the mark for the Wyvern Lord.


Some shops have also updated their inventory. While you can get some equipment updated from Lohen, a few shops on Rabanastre will also have new equipment. Bhujerba would also have new equipment, but you may have seen them already.

Recommended equipment includes:

  • One cherry staff for each spellcaster that can cast Aero.

Ogir-Yensa Sandsea[edit]

Head west from the westersand to enter the Ogir-Yensa sandsea. Here, you will be joined by Vossler.

In the Zodiac version, there are a few chests that contain unique treasures. Search for them if you don't have the associated spell:

  • East Tanks: Infuse and Sleep (Zodiac version only, doesn't appear if you already have the spells)
  • Platform 1 - Refinery: Golden Amulet
  • Primary Tank Complex: Reflect

During Sunny Weather, you will likely see a Salamand Entite, visible as a glowing ball. It is initially harmless, but will attack if provoked or when magic is used nearby. It is powerful enough to destroy the party with a single spell, thus it's best to simply flee the local zone if you somehow anger it.

Most enemies in this area are the Urutan-Yensa, and Alarune. It is very easy to build a large chain by killing only the Urutan-Yensa, and thus collect their associated items.

There are two possible routes through this sandsea. You can head directly west, or go for the south-west passage. The western path leads to a moogle who gives a small side quest, while the south-west passage leads to a teleport crystal, and a one-time shop to resupply.

Nam-Yensa Sandsea[edit]

In the Zodiac version, look for the following chests:

  • Withering Shores: Turtleshell Choker
  • Demesne of the Sandqueen: Balance
  • Simoon Bluff: Embroidered Tippet

If you approached by the north route, you will encounter a moogle who gives the Urutan Eater sidequest. If you find the Urutan Eater in the Withering Shores and defeat it, you can return to the moogle and follow the route to Ogir-Yensa Sandsea to get some Eksir Berries. These berries are useful in reducing the attack power of the next boss, Garuda.

If you started the Wyvern Lord hunt, you can head to the north-west section of the sandsea to complete the bounty.

Continue west.


Garuda is a winged flyer that will attack the party soon after entering the Tomb. It is technically an easy boss, although it's flight makes it immune to melee weapons. You can simply cast any form of spell or attacks (other than holy), or use Dark to inflict additional damage. If you can blind Garuda, it will make its basic attacks ineffective.

If you have the Eksir Berries, you can reduce its attack power and negate its enrage ability.

When it is defeated, you can reach the tomb entrance, and the teleport crystal located there.

Demon Wall[edit]

When you enter the tomb, and proceed to the entrance, there is a demon wall that attacks from behind. Unless you are sufficiently powerful, this demon wall cannot be defeated before it crushes you. Run to the end of the path, and go through the door.

You will encounter a second demon wall on approach. Unlike the previous demon wall, this one is weaker and can be destroyed. It will often inflict characters with Poison, Sleep, Blind and Silence. It can also inflict X-Zone to remove a character until you

First, cast Reflect on the party to prevent status effects from slowing down the attacks - otherwise you need to use items to take care of status effects. Spellcasters should use Aero (with Cherry Staff), with Dark being a second alternative. If neither of those spells are available, then any spell other than Fire will do damage.

If a spellcaster knows Berserk, he can cast it on any physical-attack ally to have them inflict additional damage. (Not available in Zodiac version.)

You can adjust the speed of the Demon wall if you activate some pedistals on the side of the path. Some may increase the speed, while others slow it down. The pedistals have the same speed adjustments across games (except for the Japanese version, where it is randomized.)

You can also adjust battle speed in the options menu. Increasing battle speed will also allow faster attacks, without increasing the demon wall's speed.

Tomb of Raithwall[edit]

In the Zodiac version, there are three chests with unique treasures that should be collected in the Royal Passage: Dispel, Vanish and Scathe Mote.

After the demon wall, the dungeon splits intwo two - the north half and the south half. Each half has two entrances, both of which lead to a button in the middle of the section. Pressing it will lower the altar half way, and you can also use the device to return to the center of the dungeon. Repeat for both halves, and enter the area lowered.


Belias is vulnerable to water spells, but is resistant all other elemental damage types. Only the slow status effect can hinder him.

Aside from the weakness and explicit avoidance of fire damage, there's no special tactic needed to defeat him.

When he is defeated, he will be claimed as an esper. This allows you to later summon Belias in later encounters, after being assigned to one of the characters through the license board. Continue to the end of the path to retrieve the Dawn Shard.

Once you are done, you can either finish exploring the dunegon for remaining chests, or exit to the world. You won't be able to teleport yet.

Dreadnought Leviathan[edit]

When you try to leave, the Imperial forces arrive, and capture the party. They take the dawn shard, and run an experiment on it, only for a major problem to occur to threaten the ship.

In response to the testing, Fran enters a berserk rage and commences an escape attempt. You cannot give her orders while she is berserk, with her just performing basic attacks until the effect is removed or expires.

You will fight against Vossler and a few imperial soldiers. Vossler will cast the reflect spell on himself, thus any spells you want to land should be done at the beginning of battle. You can also use motes to bypass the reflect status. Aside from spells, you will want to have a party with strong physical attacks and defense.

After the battle, Vossler will fall. The party will claim a ship to make a quick escape, and the Leviathan (along with the fleet) will be caught in a overpowering explosion. After recovering the Dawn Shard from the remains, and watching the events unfold in the Imperial senate, the party will need to had to Jahara to learn more information about the Dawn Shard.