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Tomaj sets up a noticeboard near the beginning of Chapter 3. The noticeboard gives you missions that, whilst they don't further the storyline, can help you gain valuable equipment and items. These missions are recommended to get experience and new weapons/items, and if you complete all 36, you get 100% completion and the special extended ending!

Chapter Three Missions[edit]

These are the missions that are available to you in Chapter 3:

1. Bug Hunt[edit]

In-Game Description:
Bugs. Lots of bugs. They're crawling all over the Bosco Pamapa on the Windward Isles. Antlions, by the look of them. Get down there and squash them, Vaan. It's the only way to be sure.
Mission Objectives:

  • Defeat all enemies!
  • At least one ally must survive.


  • Antlions
  • ???

Tactics: Send in your team to first attack the smaller groups of enemies, grab the treasure in the eastern corner of the map, the chest contains a Raincloud Rainment, then attack the main group amassing south. Remove party leaders or units that are failing in health and bring them back for healing, and you should easily win. Rewards:

  • Raincloud Rainment
  • 2x Auracite
  • Tempestblade

2. Once Bitten, Twice Shy[edit]

In-Game Description:
Already word of these sky pirates wrongdoing reaches my ears. They beleaguer a group of aegyl at the Fane of Gucuma Qul on the Windward Isles. Beast hurry while there's still time.
Mission Objectives:

  • Capture all the summoning gates!
  • One ally must survive


  • Goblins
  • Aegyl leaders
  • Chocobos
  • ?????

Tactics: Mob the first line of aegyl defence, and keep amassing groups of flying and ground forces to attack any assailants and your main characters to take over the 4 available summoning gates. You'll want to send your entire group to turn the gates to your side, as more leaders means a faster rate of the gate becoming aligned to your side. For the last group, don't bother fighting the waves of attackers, just set the party leaders all to turning the final gate and have fighting units stave off attacks to you and healing units to heal you up, it doesn't matter if your leader units faint during turning the last gate - just have Lluyd's revive ability turned on and the person will be revived.

  • 2x Auracite
  • Detonator

3. Maleficent Mayhem[edit]

4. The Scofflaw[edit]