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For controls while using an Eidolon, see Eidolons.

PlayStation 3 Xbox 360 Action
Neutral lstick Neutral lstick Slightly tilt to walk, fully tilt to run.
Neutral rstick Neutral rstick Change the camera view
Neutral dpad Neutral dpad Move the menu cursor.
Cross button A button Inspect an object when an object is able to be interacted with.
Triangle button Y button Open the Menu
Circle button B button Cancel
Square button X button In the field, open the map.
L1 button LB button Open the Paradigm menu (in battle).
R1 button RB button Check stats of the selected monster (in battle).
R3 button R button Return the camera to the default position behind the party leader.
Start button Start button Pause the game.
Select button Back button Hide/show the mini map.