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There are two broad types of status effects, enhancements and ailments. Enhancements boost offense or defense and ailments weaken offense or defense. Either type can be applied to either enemies or allies. In your party, Synergists can apply status enhancements to your allies, while Saboteurs can apply status ailments to enemies. There is no way to put enhancements on enemies or ailments on allies. In addition to simply buffing or debuffing the target, status effects can be used to counter their opposite effect, instead of using the Medic's Esuna ability. For instance, an enhancement like Bravery, which raises the target' strength, can remove the Debrave ailment, which reduces the target's strength.

In order to use status effects to your advantage, you will first need to know about your enemy, usually through scanning them with either the Libra technique or by using a Librascope item. Once you know about your enemy, your Synergist can apply the correct buffs to your party and your Saboteur can apply the correct debuffs to the enemy. Using status effects will make your battles go by much faster, resulting in better battle ratings, and some battles may even be impossible without using them.


Status enhancements are applied with a Synergist to make your party stronger. Some enhancements are general ones that are always good, like Haste, while others should only be applied in specific situations, such as Enfire. Starting your party off in a balanced/offensive paradigm like Decimation (COM RAV SYN) allows you to haste your party and apply a status effect to your Commando's weapon before switching to a purely offensive paradigm to finish off the opponent.

Icon Effect Removes Duration Description
FFXIII status bravery icon.png Bravery Debrave Long Strength: +25%
FFXIII status bravera icon.png Bravera Debrave Short Strength: +75%
FFXIII status faith icon.png Faith Defaith Long Magic: +25%
FFXIII status faithra icon.png Faithra Defaith Short Magic: +75%
FFXIII status haste icon.png Haste Slow Medium ATB recharge rate: +50%
FFXIII status protect icon.png Protect Deprotect Long Physical resistance: +33%
FFXIII status protectra icon.png Protectra Deprotect Short Physical resistance: +50%
FFXIII status shell icon.png Shell Deshell Long Magic resistance: +33%
FFXIII status shellra icon.png Shellra Deshell Short Magic resistance: +50%
FFXIII status veil icon.png Veil Imperil Medium Raises ailment resistance
FFXIII status vigilance icon.png Vigilance Curse Medium Raises action and defense success rates
FFXIII status barfire icon.png Barfire N/A Medium Raises fire resistance
FFXIII status barfrost icon.png Barfrost N/A Medium Raises ice resistance
FFXIII status barthunder icon.png Barthunder N/A Medium Raises lightning resistance
FFXIII status barwater icon.png Barwater N/A Medium Raises water resistance
FFXIII status enfire icon.png Enfire N/A Permanent Adds fire damage to weapon
FFXIII status enfrost icon.png Enfrost N/A Permanent Adds ice damage to weapon
FFXIII status enthunder icon.png Enthunder N/A Permanent Adds lightning damage to weapon
FFXIII status enwater icon.png Enwater N/A Permanent Adds water damage to weapon


Status ailments are the opposite of enhancements and are used by Saboteurs to weaken the enemy or remove an enemy's buffs. Debuffs can greatly speed up a battle by creating an weakness in an enemy where none existed before. For harder enemies, this can greatly speed up a fight, and a paradigm like Attrition (SEN MED SAB) can give you time to inflict your debuffs before switching to an offensive paradigm to finish the enemy off. In addition to the status effect itself, these abilities also do magic damage the enemy.

To protect against these debuffs, consider equipping an accessory or synthesizing an applicable resistance. You can remove these status effects by having a Synergist cast the opposite enhancement, having a Medic use the Esuna ability, summoning an Eidolon or having the party leader use the Dispelga technique.

Icon Effect Description
FFXIII status curse icon.png Curse Lowers target's action and defense success rates
FFXIII status daze icon.png Daze Paralyzes enemy until it takes damage
FFXIII status death icon.png Death Slight chance of instantly killing target
FFXIII status debrave icon.png Debrave Reduces target's strength
FFXIII status defaith icon.png Defaith Reduces target's magic
FFXIII status deprotect icon.png Deprotect Reduces target's physical resistance
FFXIII status deshell icon.png Deshell Reduces target's magic resistance
FFXIII status dispel icon.png Dispel Removes target's last status enhancement
FFXIII status fog icon.png Fog Disables target's magic abilities
FFXIII status imperil icon.png Imperil Reduces target's elemental resistance
FFXIII status pain icon.png Pain Disables target's physical abilities
FFXIII status poison icon.png Poison Poisons target, slowly reducing HP over time
FFXIII status slow icon.png Slow Slows target's ATB recharge rate