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Final Fight is split into six stages, with a boss fight against one of Mad Gear's lieutenants at the end of the first five. The player fights Belger, the head of the gang, in the sixth stage to rescue Jessica Haggar.

Each section of a stage has its own time limit; failing to clear a section before time runs out will cost the player one life.

  • Stage 1: Slum

Go down one block, then through a basement and up to a second block. Damnd jumps out from a building to fight you; twice during this fight, he will jump out of the way and whistle for reinforcements.

  • Stage 2: Subway

Descending to a subway station, you fight several thugs on the platform and then board the train for a ride across town. Once you make it from one end to the other, the train delivers you to a railyard, where you find a hidden fighting ring in which Sodom is waiting for you.

  • Bonus Stage 1: Break Car

You have 30 seconds to completely destroy a car, using either your fists or a pipe lying nearby.

  • Stage 3: West Side

Move along a seedy section of town and into a bar, where Andore Jr. captures you and throws you into a caged ring with two Andore characters (three if you are playing a 2-player game). Ater you beat them, you return to the bar and move down the block to face Edi. E.

  • Stage 4: Industrial Area

Work your way along a catwalk with flames spurting up from underneath, then through a machine room and onto a construction elevator. As you ride it up to the top of a building framework, enemies jump down to fight you; you will also see Rolento climbing up and tossing the occasional grenade your way. Once you reach the top, he jumps on to attack you.

  • Bonus Stage 2: Break Glass

You have 20 seconds to smash several hanging panes of glass. The panes are on swivel hangers and can spin to knock you down if hit off-center.

  • Stage 5: Bay Area

Make a long nighttime journey along Metro City's bay to face down Abigail.

  • Stage 6: Uptown

Having reached the edge of Mad Gear's stronghold, you fight your way down a block and into a high-rise building to reach its elevator. Once on the roof, you proceed into the penthouse and confront Belger, who rides in a motorized wheelchair and holds Jessica captive. During the fight, Belger is knocked out of his chair, letting Jessica go, and eventually smashes through a window to fall to his death.

  • Ending

After Haggar comforts Jessica, she runs after Guy and Cody and catches up as they walk off down the street. She calls Cody's name, prompting a jealous Guy to knock him down and leave. Cody leaves Jessica, saying that he cannot be with her as long as evil roams the streets.