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Before picking up the character, you need to know, that each of them has strong points, weaknesses and a unique style. Despite that, all characters have a number of moves similar to each others'. Here is the list of all moves, which are pretty much the same, no matter who you choose. Special moves and other differences are listed in each charachers' descriptions.

  • Grapple: Go to enemy, and you will automatically grab him. Careful: some enemies and most number of bosses can grapple you before you grapple them! To make a front grapple, approach enemy from the front; or approach from the back for a back grapple. While grappling, you can always press Down Dpad+Y Button to swith between front grapple and back grapple.
  • Jump escape: B Button while grappling. Mike Haggar doesn't have this one.
  • Run: Left Dpad, Left Dpad or Right Dpad, Right Dpad while facing that direction.
  • Leap back: Left Dpad, Left Dpad or Right Dpad, Right Dpad while facing opposite direction. Don't forget to use directional lock for this move.
  • Direction lock: Hold L Button or R Button while walking to face the direction you're currently looking.
  • Pick up object: Y Button near the object. Consumables (points, food, 1-up) will be used instantly; in case of a weapon you will arm yourself with it.
  • Attack: Y Button. Depending on the circumstances, you can perform a throw or a grappling strike (while grappling), weapon attack (in case of having a weapon) or a common attack with your bare hands and legs (in other cases).
  • Jump: B Button. You can jump on the same spot, while walking or while running. In all cases you will cover different distances.
  • Rear jump: B Button, Left Dpad/Right Dpad. You must quickly press the directional button opposite to the direction you're facing.
  • Jump attack: Y Button while jumping for a jump kick or Down Dpad+Y Button for a knee strike.
  • Get up faster: Rapidly press Left Dpad, Right Dpad and Y Button, B Button after being knocked down.
  • Special attack: B Button+Y Button or just A Button. In consumes part of your life bar, if you hit someone, even your own teammate.
  • Super: First of all, you need a Final-fight-3-super-meter.png-meter to be filled. After that enter a special combination (sometimes you need to grapple an enemy) to make a very powerful attack. See specific character description to know each super move.

All buttons listed here are default ones. You can configurate all of them except for D-pad in Key config. section before the game.