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Before starting the game, you can go to options in the main menu and configurate them.

Game level determines amount of enemy health, amount and quality of bonuses you will find, and their effectiveness. You can choose between Easy, Normal, Hard and Expert. To see the ending, beat the game on any difficulty, but easy.

Partner level determines the toughness of your AI companion in a two-player auto-play mode. You can choose between Weak, Normal and Strong, but your partner is not a good player anyway, and he won’t beat the game for you, or get you out of trouble. He doesn’t even use Final-fight-3-super-meter.png-meter, other special moves or items! But he can distract enemies, and that’s what he does pretty good. Be careful during boss battles, if you want to save your partner as long as possible, because he/she dies during boss battles pretty often.

Key config. allows you to configurate buttons for attack (default Y Button), jump (default B Button), extra joy (default A Button) and hold dir. (default L ButtonR Button). More about these command in Basic controls.

Hit config. enables or disables friendly fire (friendly hit, to be more precise) during the 2P game.

Sound mode can be switched between Stereo and Monaural.