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First of all, Final Fight 3 is non-linear game, unlike other games of this series. At some points you will have an opportunity to choose your way. Since this opportunity is usually well hidden, sometimes you might not even know about the choice you have.

Stage 1[edit]

The first round is pretty straightforward: just walk down the street, then pass the cell blocks, then go to the street again. At the end of the stage you will fight Dave.

Stage 2[edit]

Go right. On the next screen you will go right, then up, then right again. At the end of this part, you will have a choice.

  • If you beat all the enemies, you will destroy the fence and go to some sort of the park.
  • You can destroy the door on the upper side of the screen. To do this you need to deal damage to any enemy, who’s standing near this door, or throw some punk to it. If you did it right, the door will be smashed. Now just stand next to it, and you will enter “Creep Eats”. You won’t need to beat all enemies to enter the club, so this way is a little bit easier.

No matter what you do, you will fight Callman in the end.

Stage 3[edit]

Walk right past the car shop until you see the bus schedule. It’s a pillar between two windows.

  • Smash the schedule with an enemy. Now beat all rivals to end the level.
  • Do not smash the schedule. It’s usually harder to leave it be, than to destroy it. Just be careful beating up enemies, and eventually a bus will appear. You will board it. Now beat all enemies in the bus (where to they ever come from?), and you will arrive in the junkyard. After dealing with another portion of punks there you will find yourself on the roof of another bus, smashed one. Deal with Caine.

Stage 4[edit]

Walk right through the bridge. Then walk right through the dock. You will appear on the ship with two crates. Now you have a choice:

  • Stand next to the upper side of the screen (left board of the ship), then walk to the right. You will jump up on the upper deck.
  • Enter the door on the right. You will get to the cargo hold.

No matter what you do, you will meet Drake at the end.

Stage 4A[edit]

This stage can be called a bonus stage, since it’s an optional one; it can be called stage 5A, because you can access it from the stage 5, not 4. But it’s called 4A, and it as straightforward as it can be. Go down the street, beat everyone on the roof, enter the restaurant, beat Wong in the kitchen. After that you will continue stage 5 from the moment, where you left the sewers.

Stage 5[edit]

No one knows, why there are so many thugs in the sewers. Just walk forward until you see a ladder up between two waterfalls.

  • Go to the ladder. When near the top side of the screen, you will jump up to the stage 4A. You don’t need to beat all enemies on the screen to enter stage 4A.
  • Go right and continue the beating.

In any case (after beating stage 4A or after proceeding right) you will appear next to the garage. Defeat all enemies and proceed right. You’re in a factory. Here you have a choice:

  • Smash the leftmost door with an enemy, and then enter it. There’s nothing interesting behind the door, so there’s no need to do so unless you want enemies in the hallway to disappear.
  • Smash the rightmost door with an enemy, and then enter it. Beat everyone in a small dark room, proceed to the right. You will find yourself in a hall with 4 computers. Smash them (with enemies, of course). Proceed to the right. If you’ve successfully destroyed all computers, the stage will end; in other case you will find yourself in the next room (see below).
  • Proceed to the right without entering doors. You will find yourself in a small corridor. Go right. In the next corridor proceed to the right again to fight Stray.

Stage 6[edit]

The last stage is linear, but there are a few rooms to enter. For now go to the building.

  • Smash the first room and enter it. Smash the cooler to get a bonus. Exit to the corridor.
  • Smash the second room and enter it. Smash the cooler to get a bonus, like it the neighboring room. Exit to the corridor again.
  • After smashing doors (you can enter them ASAP and leave instantly to fight fewer enemies) or just proceeding to the right, you will come to an elevator.

After that the game is straightforward: elevator, then a long hall (you will see a helicopter there), then roof. Look at the helicopter landing and Black coming for the final fight.