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Buzzer Beater[edit]

A proven contender with a reputation among competitive anglers who favor long casts across undisturbed waters.

Name Length Weight Prey it hides as
Jyo-kin Ayu 7.2cm 18.0g ???
Mat Hot Tiger 7.2cm 18.0g ???
Blue Gill 7.2cm 18.0g ???
??? ??? ??? ???
Hot Tiger Skeleton-F 7.2cm 18.0g ???


With lips that extend half the body length, this lure quickly draws attention in heavy cover and along the bottom.

Name Length Weight Prey it hides as
Baby Bass 6.0cm 7.5g ???
??? ??? ??? ???
Imakatsu Secret 6.0cm 7.5g ???
American Craw 6.0cm 7.5g ???

Crazy Cradle[edit]

Designed for trees, weeds, brush and heavy cover, this crankbait goes where worms and jigs normally hang up.

Name Length Weight Prey it hides as
Three Spots 3.7cm 7.0g ???
Black Striped 3.7cm 7.0g ???
Half Skeleton Blue Gill 3.7cm 7.0g ???
Mat Hot Tiger 3.7cm 7.0g ???
American Craw 3.7cm 7.0g ???

Double Swirl[edit]

This loud vibration lure uses a special "Scratching System" as it hisses and flashes like an angry fish fin, creating a disturbance that calls to large fish.

Name Length Weight Prey it hides as
Lime Chart N/A 3/4oz ???
Golden Shinner N/A 3/4oz ???
Mat Tiger N/A 3/4oz ???
Blue Gill N/A 3/4oz ???

Kicker Eater[edit]

Designed to draw fish out of cover, this popular lure allows for easy long casts and produces a high pitch sound that nearly guarantees a quick strike.

Name Length Weight Prey it hides as
Stain Gold 9.0cm 12.0g ???
??? ??? ??? ???
Jyo-kin Ayu 9.0cm 12.0g ???
??? ??? ??? ???

Kicker Frog Daddy[edit]

Equally suited for long remote casts and close-range pitching, this lure is a practical choice for finding reluctant fish.

Name Length Weight Prey it hides as
??? ??? ??? ???
Camouflage 5.5cm 10.5g ???

Rat A Tat[edit]

The large square body on this lure creates a vortex disturbance in the water, creating a noise that drives territorial bass into a hungry furor.

Name Length Weight Prey it hides as
Blue Chart ??? ??? ???
??? ??? ??? ???
Yellow Bass 5.5cm 17.5 ???
Tonosama Frog 5.5cm 17.5 ???
Rat 5.5cm 17.5 ???


Painstakingly engineered to perform flawlessly at any depth, this versatile lure consistently delivers reliable action at any range.

Name Length Weight Prey it hides as
Stain Gold 8.0cm 9.7g ???
??? ??? ??? ???
Mat Hot Tiger 8.0cm 9.7g ???
??? ??? ??? ???
Flicker Gold 8.0cm 9.7g ???

Spin-Move Shad[edit]

A small body with plenty of action, this Innovative Suspended Small Shad lure produces a sporadic action that draws out even the most reluctant of large bass.

Name Length Weight Prey it hides as
Imakatsu Lemon 5.5cm 5.0g ???
??? ??? ??? ???
Sunset Orenge 5.5cm 5.0g ???

Super Sledge[edit]

Aerodynamically engineered for unsurpassed distance in casting, this popular lure features an innovative Counter Balance System for accuracy.

Name Length Weight Prey it hides as
Playfish 6.0cm 5.0g ???