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Controls Actions
Neutral dpad
  • Moves your cursor around in battle
  • Scrolls through the menus (in and out of battle)
Start button
  • Starts game
  • Skips conversation and opening demo scenes
  • Displays overview map
Select button
  • Open map menu
  • Turn info window on or off
A button
  • Confirms actions
  • Brings up map menu during battle, when on unoccupied square
  • Scrolls through dialogue during a cinema scene
B button
  • Cancels the current action
  • Returns you to the previous part of the menu
  • If tapped or held during text it rapidly scrolls through it
  • Hold down while moving cursor to move it faster
L button
  • Scroll between units that you have not yet commanded during battle
R button
  • Brings up data for the unit the cursor is over
  • Displays helpful tooltips