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Wii Remote Horizontal Wii Remote Vertical Wii Classic GameCube Action
Neutral dpad Neutral dpad Neutral dpad or Neutral lstick Neutral control or Neutral dpad Move cursor, select menu items, move units
2 button A button A button A button Confirm menu choices, start game, scroll messages, select units
1 button B button B button B button Cancel menu choices, return to previous screen
B button+2 button Plus button X button X button Move cursor to units that have turns remaining
B button+1 button Minus button Y button Y button Display status screen (when cursor is on a unit) or display help window
B button+Neutral dpad Neutral rstick Neutral cstick Change camera angle
B button+A button L button L button Zoom in and out on map screen
A button 2 button+1 button Zl button or Zr button Z button Display map menu, review current conversation
Plus button Plus button Start button Start game, display battle conditions, skip story sequences
Hold Minus button Hold R button Hold R button Remove on-screen displays on map screen
Neutral dpad+1 button Move cursor quickly
Down dpad+2 button scroll through messages quickly