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  • Objective: Survive for 10 turns or defeat Beran
  • Allies: 11
  • Recruits:
    • Duessel (NPC; talk with Ephraim)
    • Cormag (Enemy; talk with Duessel or Tana)
  • Items:
    • Drops:
      • Lancereaver (Myrmidon to the southeast)
      • Elysian Whip (Cormag)
      • Secret Book (Fleet to the northwest)
      • Horseslayer (Cavalier to the southeast)
      • Killing Edge (Cavalier to the southeast)
    • Villages:
      • Torch (Northwestern village)
      • Hero Crest (Southwestern village)
    • Rewards:
      • Knight Crest (received after the chapter if all of Duessel's soldiers survive)

Rush down and talk to Duessel with Ephraim and a few cavaliers as soon as possible, or Cormag will get too close to Duessel to recruit Duessel without Cormag battling someone. Having Tana talk to Cormag helps a ton. Kill all the people surrounding Beran, then kill Beran, and you will have won the battle.