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  • Objective: Seize Throne
  • Allies: 12
  • Recruits:
    • Rennac (Enemy; talk with Ephraim or L'Arachel; recruiting him with Ephraim will cost 10,000G, so having L'Arachel do it is recommended)
  • Items:
    • Drops:
      • Shine or Sleep (Bishop to the northwest)
      • Red Gem (Druid in the throne room)
      • Door Key (Shaman outside throne room)
      • Chest Key (Shaman inside southern treasure room)
      • Armourslayer (Mercenary to the west)
      • Door Key (Knight outside southern treasure room)
      • Swordreaver (Fighter to the east)
      • Door Key (Knight to the west)
      • Door Key (Knight to the east)
      • Longbow (Sniper to the center)
      • Hammer (Fighter reinforcement)
      • Knight Crest (Vigarde)
    • Steals:
      • Body Ring (Archer to the northwest)
    • Chests:
      • Spear (chest to the northeast)
      • Angelic Robe (chest to the northwest)
      • Guiding Ring (left chest in the southern treasure room)
      • 10,000G (middle chest in the southern treasure room)
      • Hammerne (right chest in the southern treasure room)
    • Rewards:
      • Gleipnir and Garm (received after the chapter)
  • Secret Shop:
    • There is a Secret Shop found in the middle-western room on the east-most space. You need Rennac's Member Card to get in.
Name Uses Cost
Steel Blade 25 980
Silver Blade 15 1800
Killing Edge 20 1300
Killer Lance
Battle Axe 20 410
Killer Axe 20 1000
Killer Bow 20
Barrier 15 2250
Physic 15 3750
Lockpick 15 1200
Hero Crest 1 10000
Knight Crest 1 10000
Orion's Bolt 1 10000
Elysian Whip 1 10000
Guiding Ring 1 10000
Ocean Seal 1 10000

This chapter is pretty hard. Send your group on the left path, recruit Rennac with L'Arachel (Ephraim is pretty costly). Kill Vigarde. Sometimes, if Ephraim dies to easily, it may be advisable to send a very small amount of units into battle in a weak/strong balance (send in only as many weak units as strong units, and have the stronger ones rescue the weaker ones). If you have any level 20 units and a bit of spare change, buy promotion items for them from the secret shop (middle-west of the map).