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Chapter 5x: Unbroken Heart
Chapter 5x: Unbroken Heart Objective Seize the throne Units Allowed
New Members Ephraim Level 4 Lord Kyle Level 5 Cavalier Forde Level 6 Cavalier Orson Level 3 Paladin 4
Boss: Zonta
Zonta Class Mercenary STR 9 DEF 6
Level 8 Skill 8 RES 6
HP 25 SPD 9 Move 9
Weapon Steel Blade Luck 4 CON 5


Name Location
Elixir Dropped by archer to the east
Chest Key Dropped by mage to the west
Chest Key Dropped by fighter to the west
Door Key Dropped by knight to the west
Elixir Left chest
Killer Lance Right chest

Seize the throne[edit]

Once you start, switch Orson's equipment with another unit or just avoid using him as much as possible, only using him in certain situations (for reasons later on). Try to get someone with a javelin to get rid of the mage and fighter in the treasure room. Get the Killer Lance and Elixir from the chests and continue though the hallway, minding the enemies range. once you get to the fork in the road, take the path to the right as the left side has more danger with the magic users. The archer to the far right drops an elixir so get rid of him quickly. Be careful once you get to the throne room because the knight, shaman, and monk can really hurt you.


Zonta can be easily defeated by surrounding him and healing when necessary.