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Chapter 9: Distant Blade
Chapter 9: Distant Blade Objective Defeat all enemies Units Allowed
New Members Tana Level 4 Pegasus Knight Amelia Level 1 Recruit 11
Boss: Binks
Binks Class Warrior STR 16 DEF 12
Level 5 Skill 10 RES 8
HP 42 SPD 8 Move 6
Weapon Steel Axe, Steel Bow Luck 3 CON 13


Name Location
Ocean Seal Dropped by pirate to the south
Killing Edge Dropped by myrmidon to the west
Axereaver Dropped by soldier to the south
Elfire Dropped by mage reinforcement to the southeast
Dragonshield Village to the west
Rapier Village to the south
Angelic Robe Received after the chapter if all villages are safe

Defeat all enemies[edit]

This chapter can be a pain if you don't have the right units with you. Some units that are recommended are a VERY solid character like a paladin or great knight paired with a pegasus knight. Also have a good long range attacker and another strong character.

First get a long range unit to 'hug' the left wall so they can kill the let pirate. Have another character stay at the shore to lure in the other pirate with the ocean seal so that the pegasus knight doesn't have any problems on her mission.

Have the pegasus knight carry the paladin or great knight down next to the village. This will bring full attention to that one unit so they will be bombarded by a swarm of enemies. If the strong unit can visit the village, have them do that or have the pegasus knight visit it and retreat. The pegasus knight should be clear of the archers or they'll get shot right out of the sky. With the village secure, you can either clear out the pier or send the two characters back to help the rest of the group.

While the two are saving the southern village, the rest should be following the longer path through the enemies. There will be a pirate in the reinforcements at the end of turn 1 that will try to destroy the village on the left. Get through the enemies as fast as you can to catch up to the pirate. Be careful when chasing him because he will lead you to the myrmidon with a killing edge. The northern reinforcements will keep coming through turn 3 so stay strong. Once it's secure, head down toward Amelia.

Amelia is a new recruit that will attack when given the chance. She comes in on turn 4 and will leave the battle on turn 11. If you don't get to her in time, you'll have another chance on chapter 13. If you want to recruit her, stay out of her range until either Franz or Erika can walk up and talk to her. Once recruited, have her get with the rest of the group for safety. Now you can head toward the boss.

Boss: Binks[edit]

Binks is an easy Warrior to take down. He can't move out of his position but he'll still attack anyone in range. Keep weaker units away at least 3 spaces since he can hurt them with a Steel Bow. Just surround him with stronger units and he'll fall easily.