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  • Objective: Seize Throne
  • Allies: 11
  • Recruits:
    • Tana (Rescue her from the jail cell to the north)
    • Amelia (Enemy; talk with Ephraim or Franz)
  • Items:
    • Drops:
      • Chest Key (Mage to the north)
      • Door Key (Soldier outside the fortress)
      • Heavy Spear (Cavalier to the south east)
      • Axereaver (Knight south of the throne room)
      • Door Key (Knight south of Tana's cell)
      • Killer Axe (Gheb)
    • Steals:
      • Red Gem (Archer to the center)
    • Chests:
      • Restore (Far left chest, to the north)
      • 2500G (Middle chest, to the north)
      • Ocean Seal (Right chest, to the north)

Make your way to the main gate, set up a blockade once you open the door, get Amelia with Franz or Ephraim, then magic/shoot the guys in the side hallways. Save Tana, then go down and kill the boss. He is a bit hard to kill, so use your best unit.