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Only mounted units can spend their remaining movement points after visiting house and villages.

Abnormal conditions[edit]

A unit may become afflicted by one of these abnormalities.

  1. Sleep - unable to move
  2. Silence - unable to use magic or staves
  3. Poison - damages over time
  4. Berserk - attack enemies and allies randomly
  5. Petrify - unable to move

These conditions can remedied with a Restore staff.


Weapon rank[edit]

Higher weapons ranks allow for the usage of better weapons of the corresponding weapon type. S-rank is the highest weapon rank and can only be earned by a promoted character. S-rank weapons gain a bonus of +5% crit.

Weapon and magic effectiveness[edit]

In battle, certain weapon and magic types are more effective verse other weapon and magic type, as such:

  • Sword > Axe
  • Axe > Lance
  • Lance > Sword
Note: Reaver-type weapons reverse the above conditional expressions.

Advantageous weapons gain a bonus of +15% hit, +1 weapon might, while disadvantageous weapons are penalized -15% hit, -1 weapon might.

  • Anima > Light
  • Light > Dark
  • Dark > Anima

Some weapons are effective versus specific types of units:

  • Bow > Flying units

Terrain bonuses[edit]

  • Peak: avoid +40% def +2
  • Throne: avoid +30% def +3 (only affect physical defense)
  • Gate: avoid +30% def +3
  • Mountains: avoid +30% def +1
  • Forest: avoid +20% def +1
  • Fort: avoid +20% def +2
  • Lake: avoid +10%
  • House: avoid +10%
  • Sand: avoid +5%

Any unit ending its turn on a fort, castle gate, gate, or throne will recover HP next turn.