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Prologue: The Fall of Renais
Prologue: The Fall of Renais Objective Defeat all enemies Units Allowed
New Members Eirika Level 1 Lord Seth Level 1 Paladin 2 (Seth and Eirika only)
Boss: O'Neill
O'Neill Class Fighter STR 6 DEF 2
Level 4 Skill 4 RES 0
HP 23 SPD 7 Move 5
Weapon Iron Axe Luck 0 CON 11

Defeat all enemies[edit]

Try using Eirika for the two lesser enemies. She should be able to take them out without dying if you wait for them to attack you. After she uses a vulnerary if nessessary, have her tackle O'Neill.

Boss: O'Neill[edit]

Try having Eirika tackle O'Neill. If her HP drops below half on his counter-attack, have Seth rescue her so that she can heal and attack again.