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From Japan

S++ : Toki

S+ : Rei - Juda

S : Raoh

A : Kenshiro / Thouther / Shin / Mamiya / Heart

B : Jagi

The rank depends on various parameters : pokes, move priority, combos, pressure etc ...

About KENOH[edit]

The boss of the game, named KEN'OH (an improved version of RAOH, just like he liked to call himself in the manga) has become playable only in the PlayStation 2 version of Fist Of The North Star, after completing the History mode. Compared to the CPU version of the character, he was toned down to be playable without being cheap.

In arcades, he was kept unlockable due to his general cheapness (increased damage, new exclusive supers, resurrection etc ...)

Changes for Characters between arcade & PlayStation 2[edit]

– Rei's infinite dragon punch glitch has been fixed

– Juda's "STAMP THE UD" move was modified : Komak follows a different way in PlayStation 2, leading to make his arcade combos not working at 100%

– Thouther's music theme has been modified : the guitar solo was replaced by some sort of cheap synthesizer

– Toki's stage is not affected by slowdowns anymore (this was due to the ATOMISWAVE hardware limitations)