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For each token (except for 41, since it was removed and no one backed up a public copy) there is an icon that looks like this: FFR Token 1 Yellow.png

Normal tokens[edit]

To acquire almost any given token, you must first find it through whatever means and then click it. The token will be immediately available for use in the game and it will show up in your profile. For some tokens there will be no icon to click.

Token Song unlocked Link to receive How to get
FFR Token 1 Yellow.png
#1: The Yellow Token
Hardcore of the North besmart.php If you scroll to the bottom of this page, you'll see a miniature version of the icon in the center.
FFR Token 2 Green.png
#2: The Green Token
Xuxa If the solution doesn't work, try this link. Hint given: ""

Go to this page ( spelled backwards). This should take you to a page that says, "Congratulations USERNAME for finding this one. Click Away!" where you can click on the green token.

FFR Token 3 Blue.png
#3: The Blue Token
Takecore of Yourself [1] Go to the credits page and scroll to the bottom to find a golden token. Click it.
FFR Token 4 Face.png
#4: The Face Token
Tsugaru 180 New Version [2] The new way to get this token is to go to the FAQ and find the question that says "Do you think you deserve new tokens?" then click on the old FFR FAQ, scroll down to the bottom and you should find it.
FFR Token 5 Silver.png
#5: The Silver Token
{Satori} Go to cornandbeans' profile and post a comment using only the text "where's the token?" and submit. You will receive the token shortly afterward.
FFR Token 6 Copper.png
#6: The Copper Token
Psychosis [3] Go to Synthlight's profile. The token to click is in the lower-left corner of his profile page.
FFR Token 7 Red.png
#7: The Red Token
Sifon [4] Go to this page. This will lead you to a page that has some text that reads:

"As most of you know we recently used a business finance company to aquire our nur new Quad Opteron server (much faster than a Quad Xeon). This Linux based high end server has proven very capable over the past 2 months and I would not hesitate to purchase another Quad Opteron in the near feature if FFR continues to expand. The server has lowered our server load and made things like the video chat, multiplayer server and radio servers all possible on a single current Quad Opteron high end server. As a side effect, it lowered our operating costs. Quad Opteron with 12GB of ram. I don’t regret the purchase one bit. :)"

If you click on the O in the first "Opteron" it should link you to your profile, giving you the token. If it doesn't work, on the first try, clear your cookies, log out, and shut down your browser. After starting it back up, find the token again and it may work.

FFR Token 8 Purple.png
#8: The Purple Token
Anubis [5] Click on the link in the ‘Eighth FFR token Found!’ post. This will bring you to a page with a little animated character that says ‘Get the F*** away from me’. All you have to do is refresh the page until the token appears. If you’re running Internet Explorer, go to View ? Refresh or hit F5. In Firefox it's View ? Reload or F5.
FFR Token 9 Black.png
#9: The Black Token
Exciting Hyper Highspeed Star v2 Token #9 Go to your level rank stats via this page while logged in. If you look through your songs, you will find a song called "Token#9?". Click on that song and it will give you the token. If you have trouble finding it, use Ctrl+F to open the find feature, and type in "Token" and your browser should take you there.
FFR Token 10 Platinum.png
#10: The Platinum Token
Silence v2 [6] Go to this page, you will see a little face. At the top right is a coin icon, click on it.
FFR Token 11 Magenta.png
#11: The Magenta Token
Attack of One Minute Token #11 If you click on the link in the hint message it will take you to this page. On the Token_the_Game.php page, highlight the blue area below the text and you'll see a blue image. If you copy the image into an editor and then change the colors correctly you'll notice a URL written across the image; this will lead you to this page. At the bottom of that page is the token.
FFR Token 12 Lime.png
#12: The Lime Token
Roller Coaster Ride Token #12 Click on the link Synthlight provided, the token is at the top.
FFR Token 13 Pink.png
#13: The Pink Token
Naisyaodakunyan Token #13 Go to this page and click on the picture of Wario and it will simply give you the token.
FFR Token 14 Acid Pink.png
#14: The Acid Pink Token
CIA Rave v2 Token #14
FFR Token 15 Acid Green.png
#15: The Acid Green Token
Fall The link is here, however it leads you to a "GOTCHA" page where it tells you to use the hints instead of a "lame link". What you do is press the link Synthlight provided in his post, and scroll down. Click the "b" in the word "boost" in the second paragraph. (It's the first big thing instead of the duplicate message at the very bottom of the page). You will see the animation of the token, then right click PC Mouse Right Click.png on the token and hit "Play".
FFR Token 16 Acid Violet.png
#16: The Acid Violet Token
Samurai Road [7] Hint given: "Addition is the key."

First of all, follow this link as directed by the hint/Synthlight.

A hidden message!

Then, scroll down into the empty space below the commonly viewed business finance information; if you are using Internet Explorer with the Active-X auto-disable update installed, simply move PC Mouse.png around and you'll notice a box. For everyone else, refer to the image. Move your cursor on top of each of the messages to make them stay visible; they revert back to nothing if either the animation doesn't finish, or after it has finished and while it is paused you put the cursor back onto it. If you can't read it, it says,

Scroll to the bottom to find the hidden goodies.

The correct url is this. This new url will take you to a page that looks very similar, with two exceptions. First, note that there is no flash object on the page, and second that you can scroll down quite far. Eventually you'll see the blue turn to grey, and hidden in the bottom left corner is the token.

FFR Token 17 Neon Teal.png
#17: The Neon Aqua Token
Forza Azzuri [8] Hint: "Who said it isn't out?"
FFR Token 18 Tan.png
#18: The Tan Token
Vertex BETA vrofl

Token 18 is only unlocked by those who place in the top eight for each category in a FFR Tournament. It was also given as a prize to those who managed to get 1 billion points on their daily grand total score during the Gamewhoring Competition on May 24, 2008.

New requirements: This can also be won in spon cons. Attain 50 billion overall or 1 Billion in one day to unlock.

FFR Token 19 Neon Blue.png
#19: The Neon Blue Token
Ride Out Token #19 Look at bottom of this link's page for token 19.
FFR Token 20 Neon Green.png
#20: The Neon Green Token
Bike Thief Token #20 It is located at miss2spd's profile underneath their profile views, votes, and referred users information.
FFR Token 21 Neon Lime.png
#21: The Neon Lime Token
Kagami [9].
FFR Token 22 Neon Magenta.png
#22: The Neon Magenta Token
Sunny Star Carnival On the FFR Regional Ranking page, click the title for the region in which you are registered to get the token. This only works if you register the region in your profile.
FFR Token 23 Neon Pink.png
#23: The Neon Pink Token
Kakke Ecko [10] On MeTrivia, scroll down until you see v2.0.0. Click the first dot in v2.0.0, in this case, the one between 2 and 0. You don't have to log in, all you have to do is go to the game, click the dot, and you get it.
FFR Token 24 Strawberry.png
#24: The Strawberry Token
Strawberry [11] Go to LightDarkness' profile. Click on the link to his homepage (located above where his statistics are listed): You'll come to a blank page with a picture of a Goober jelly/peanut butter jar. Click it to receive the token.
FFR Token 25 Troll.png
#25: The Troll Token
Gaussian Blur [12] Hint: see the Token 25 post:

The number to put in is "2395479797979395932337351533351533351". In other words, the link is: this.

FFR Token 26 Neon Red.png
#26: The Neon Red Token
Ice Candy Pop Located under the Angels and Airwaves widget you'll see the string, "Total Widget Game Plays:", just under that is the token. You can find the widget (and the token link) by clicking this link.
FFR Token 27 Neon Yellow.png
#27: The Neon Yellow Token
Field of Snow [13]
FFR Token 28 Turkey.png
#28: The Turkey Token
Rocking Ass [14] Hint: "Visit the ghost of token's past."

Visit an earlier token page, for example, the 25th token, Gaussian Blur. Click on the first appearance of Chardish's name, and that should give you Rocking Ass.

FFR Token 29 Rubix.png
#29: The Rubix Token
Sicilian Sun [15] Hint: "Check out my new level! It has all you need. Remember, sometimes searching for the answer is only half the battle — you need to do a little unpacking to get to the real answer within. Put your answer into this URL (replace X with your answer): [16]."
FFR Token 30 Purple FFR.png
#30: Purple FFR Token
Orchestral Angels Get a Grand Total Score of 1,000,000,000 or more, then go to levelrank.php.
FFR Token 31 Teal FFR.png
#31: Teal FFR Token
Happy Rainbow Get under 1,000 Average Rank, then go to levelrank.php.
FFR Token 32 Green FFR.png
#32: Green FFR Token
Quickdraw Full combo at least 50% of songs in the game, and then check levelrank.php.
FFR Token 33 Orange FFR.png
#33: Orange FFR Token
Slow Motion (Wipeout Pure Xtra) Get a Multiplayer Rank of 10 or more, then check levelrank.php.
FFR Token 34 Blue FFR.png
#34: Blue FFR Token
Here We Go Full combo at least 99% of public songs in the game and then check levelrank.php. As there are currently 800ish songs public, this means you can safely 'ignore' FCs on 7 songs (8 soon enough). Recommended songs to ignore (because of the need to mash, trill or jack very fast):
  1. Crowdpleaser
  2. Death Piano
  3. Reluctantly Accepting Temporary Overexhaustion
  4. La Campanella
  5. Revolutionary Etude
  6. Almost There
  7. Magical 8-bit tour

Alternatively, you could lack FCs on the secret songs requiring the highest credit counts.

FFR Token 35 Red FFR.png
#35: Red FFR Token
PianoCore Get a positive score on every public song and then check levelrank.php.
FFR Token 36 FGJ.gif
#36: Old Support token #1 (For Great Justice!)
Dendrite v2 Attain 500 million grand total score in one day.
FFR Token 37 KAW.gif
#37: Tell v3 (Extended Mix)
Tell v3 (extended mix) Attain the exact same score 10 times in a row (over 1 million). Check your profile for this one.
FFR Token 38 SGX.gif
#38: Old Support token #3 (SGX)
Coactive [Over My Shoulder Mix] Attain 50 unique AAAs in one day on songs difficulty 5 or higher (old scale) and post to support token thread.
FFR Token 39 FDiVE.png
#39: Event Token #1 Sky Token
FREEDOM DiVE Event token back in 2012? Unattainable now.
FFR Token 40 beer.png
#40: You Gotta B-E-E-R
You Gotta B-E-E-R Get positive scores on all four beer songs then check levelrank.php.
#41: Will You Marry Me Miles Away Special token for Jae (nois-or-e) and Katie (musical_vampire) for their engagement. Note: this token has been removed from the official token list; there is no #41 anymore.
FFR Token 42 twww.png
#42: The wisest were wrong
The Wisest Were Wrong Event token.
FFR Token 43 korean madness.png
#43: Korean Madness
Korean Madness [17] Hint: "The song title is Korean Madness. What? You want a hint? You already got a good one. Now go east and find it!"

Go to the regional rankings and click "Asia" from there you scroll down and see a half image of the Korean Madness token and you click on it and it then shows on your profile.

FFR Token 44 worlds end.png
#44: World End's Yama Xanadu
World End's Yama Xanadu Hint: "If you want to try your hand at this modern masterpiece then you’re going to have to find the profile relevant to this day and ask a very important question: “End of the world?”"

Token page hint: "Find the user who knows about the world's end. On its profile, post on the comment wall this phrase: 'End of the world?'"

Go to this profile: [18] and post this exact quote without the quotation marks, "End of the world?"

FFR Token 45 tgwp full.png
#45: The Games We Played (Full Edition)
The Games We Played (Full Edition) Full combo The Games We Played, Parts 1 through 5, then check levelrank.php.
FFR Token 46 fracsun.png
#46: Fractured Sunshine
Fractured Sunshine Get top 16 in any FFR official tournament.
FFR Token 47 unconnected.png
#47: Unconnected.
Unconnected. D7 exclusive token.
FFR Token 48 touhou.png
#48: Touhou Judgement in the Sixtieth Year
Token page hint: "~it is a mystery~"
FFR Token 49 bridgeport.png
#49: The Bridgeport Run
Token page hint: "~another mystery~"
FFR Token 50 bedtime.png
#50: Bedtime Story
Token page hint: "~seriously i don't even know how to get these yet~"

Skill Tokens[edit]

To unlock a skill token, you must meet a specific requirement. All requirements are based around playing the game.

Song Name Token # How to get
Spontaneous Hydroxide v2
FFR Skill Token 1.png
1 Unlocked by AAA'ing on Spontaneous Hydroxide.
Dazzling Destiny
FFR Skill Token 2.png
2 Full Combo Dazzling Soul.
Hellbeat V2
FFR Skill Token 3.png
3 200+ combo, 10 or less misses/boos on Hellbeat v1.
Idol (Aniko is Pojinju Mix)
FFR Skill Token 4.png
4 Pass Torinouta (Noise Rave Mix).
First Try
FFR Skill Token 5.png
5 Pass Yoshi Bonus Round (is at the end of Legend of Zelda Remix song in the "legacy" genre).
UNknown Girl
FFR Skill Token 6.png
6 Get 40 credits or more on any one song. To get this easily try FCing Bicycle Break, Eternal Nightmare [Heavy], Song For The Nihonjins, MAX Forever or Synful Sub.
Gaussian Blur 2
FFR Skill Token 7.png
7 Single Digit Good on Gaussian Blur 3.
BB Revenge
FFR Skill Token 8.png
8 Passing BB Evolution with more misses than boos.
Spinning With You
FFR Skill Token 9.png
9 Pass Burnout with less than 50 perfects.
Manhattan Sapphire
FFR Skill Token 10.png
10 Must get a blackflag (one good FC) on Life Goes On. Try to get a single good at the beginning of the song, and AAA everything afterwards.
FFR Skill Token 11.png
11 Get 435 or more perfects and two or less misses on Beethoven Virus. There are 459 notes in the song, so essentially, plan to get less than or equal to a 14-0-2-0.
Destiny v2
FFR Skill Token 12.png
12 Get 313 perfects, 0 goods, 0 averages, 299 misses, 0 boos on Destiny. Essentially, AAA the left half of the arrows (the left and down arrows) while not hitting the up and right arrows at all. If this confuses you, you can always accuracy and combo mask, and change your set up so only your left and down keys are able to be hit, and pretend you are AAA'ing the song normally. ASKL users could change their set up to be A,S, up, right as an example...and keep their other hand on K and L to pretend to hit the notes.
Emotions V2
FFR Skill Token 13.png
13 Get 400+ perfects, 20+ goods, and 20+ averages on Emotions. You can approach this two ways, you have 500 notes to toy around with so can spam the beginning 60 notes and hope you got at least 20+ of each, or hit exactly 400 perfects (AAA until your combo gets to 400) then mash away until the end of the song.
Calm (Short 'n' Slow Mix)
FFR Skill Token 14.png
14 Get at least as many goods as misses on I Can See The Light. Set your Auto-fail to 1 perfect, hit the first note perfect...token UNLOCKED.
Tribal Style
FFR Skill Token 15.png
15 Get a Full Combo on Tribal Revival.
Battle Ax
FFR Skill Token 16.png
16 Get a Full Combo on ESC with two or less goods.
So Long To The Circus
FFR Skill Token 17.png
17 Hit at least 200 notes before failing on Victims & Martyrs. Get 200 combo, boo out...or just play through the song normally if you feel like.
Lift Up
FFR Skill Token 18.png
18 Get at least 340 perfects on 8-Bit Day Dreamer. There are 372 notes in this song...can you handle getting at least a 32-0-0-0 on a standard? If so, it's all yours.
FFR Skill Token 19.png
19 Get exactly nine good FCs on Takecore of Yourself. This is a tougher one, set your auto fail for 10 perfects and attempt to get all 9 of your goods in the beginning of the song. Keep a mental record of how many goods you hit so you can assure yourself when you actually have 9 goods, and then AAA the rest. Try to get 2 goods on doubles to speed up the process and lowering the chances accidentally hitting an average and killing your chances of getting the token. Be PATIENT, and don't blow it by getting a 10th good later on in the song.
FFR Skill Token 20.png
20 Get more goods than perfects on Snowflakes (and pass). Hit all arrows early with sound off, or scroll down and have arrow hit area out of your view and hit the arrows when they approach the top of the screen.
FFR Skill Token 21.png
21 Get more misses than averages and more boos than goods on K8107, while still passing. If you are a more advanced player, one could hit two doubles for the intro and then miss the next two notes, and AAA the rest of the song to get this. Otherwise, be accurate and try to let go of the keys when you can't read a section. After the song comes to an end, quad hold your life bar down as much as you can without failing in case you hit some goods in areas.
R3 (Omega Mix)
FFR Skill Token 22.png
22 Get a full combo on Lift Up. Rather easy...if you can't read the streams, mash, you'll FC that way.
FFR Skill Token 23.png
23 Get 200+ averages on Zodiac. Same rule for this as with the other hit non-perfect tokens, scroll down past the arrow hit area, and hit arrows as they approach the top of the screen (slightly further down than if it were for goods). You can adjust it until you hit averages as a default...OR you can try your luck with hitting the same arrow way before it comes to the hit window for averages AND boos. There are 583 notes in Zodiac, if you boo for averages when the arrows come, chances are you will get over 200 averages.
FFR Skill Token 24.png
24 Get a combo of 600 or higher on Piano Etude (demon fire). MASH son!! Obviously if you are skilled enough to do good on FMO's then just play to 600 and fail out.
Judgement Days
FFR Skill Token 25.png
25 Get the same number of goods, averages, misses, and boos (above zero) on Samurai Road. Another tough one, definitely attempt this at the beginning of the song (1 perfect, 1 good, 1 average, 1 miss, and 1 boo) where the first two notes are a good and an average, the next one is a perfect and a boo hit at the same time, and get a miss after that (with the auto-fail being set to one miss). This may take a little time, be patient.
Crow Song
FFR Skill Token 26.png
26 Get at least 20 more averages than goods and at least 150 more perfects than goods on Noir Remixed. Try to get a crap load of averages at the beginning of the song (aim for like 50, should average you out to around 30 averages - 20 goods) and then try to AAA the remainder of the song. If you think you don't have over 20, spam more averages...there are 554 notes to work with!! Once you hit the goal, you can take your hands off the keyboard and just fail as well.
Liquid Moon
FFR Skill Token 27.png
27 Get at least 300 misses while having 10 or less boos on Tension. 980 notes to work with...hit perfects until your life bar is full, miss until it reaches almost 0, fill it again, drop it, fill get the picture.
Angelic Layer
FFR Skill Token 28.png
28 Get at least 250 averages on Sepia. Same as Zodiac, only with more averages.
All of the World
FFR Skill Token 29.png
29 Get a Full Combo on R3 (Omega Mix) with at least 650 perfects. 689 notes to work with, get under a 39-0-0-0 on a short "Very Difficult" song essentially.
FFR Skill Token 30.png
30 Get 3 goods or less on {Rose} and Full Combo.
Party 4 U v3
FFR Skill Token 31.png
31 Get more boos than misses than averages than goods than perfects on Party 4 U v2. Have fun with this one...set your auto-fail to 5 misses, 2 perfects, 3 goods, and 5 averages. Quad hold twice before the first note, then hit the first double with a perfect and a miss, hit second double as both goods, third and fourth one as both averages, miss the next two doubles (giving you a 1-2-4-5-8). You'll be failed and get the nice token after much raging.
FFR Skill Token 32.png
32 Get a Full Combo on Super Mario 8-Bit Eighties with at least 160 goods and 10 or less perfects and averages. You can set your good and average count to both 10 (in case you hit something like 8 perfects and 2 averages) and play through the song a few times. Get a hang of hitting the arrows off (which might feel more on sync because the arrows are LATE usually) and then keep trying for goods until you finally get the token. No real serious game plan here...try for goods...and hope for some good luck coming your way.
Nippon Zenkoku GABA Ondo
FFR Skill Token 33.png
33 Get under 1,000 perfects and pass Pretty Green Onions. Play like a noob. Enough said.
Frozen Bond
FFR Skill Token 34.png
34 Get at least two average-misses on Improvisation et Chien while keeping your averages, boos, and misses all the same number and pass it. The "average-miss glitch" was fixed, this means nothing now. Essentially, the skill token requirements are for you to hit at least a (X-2-2-2) or (X-3-3-3) etc. The beginning is easy enough to hit two averages, then obviously miss two arrows and hit a double boo. AAA the rest and you have yourself a new skill token!
FFR Skill Token 35.png
35 Pass Bicycle Break, Troglodytic Epica, Song for the Nihonjins, and Max Forever.
The Pylons Are TRAP BALLS
FFR Skill Token 36.png
36 Get either one good or AAA on All of the World.
Heavy Danger
FFR Skill Token 37.png
37 Get AAA on Free Space.
FFR Skill Token 38.png
38 Get a 400+ combo and pass Delirium.
{Satori} v2
FFR Skill Token 39.png
39 Get less than five boos and zero averages while passing Satori. If you can't do this right, don't be afraid to miss a CRAP LOAD of notes to unlock the token. You can have as many goods and misses as you want, as LONG as you have less than 5 boos and NO averages.
FFR Skill Token 40.png
40 Pass Lawn Wake 4 with boos, misses, and averages all being within five of each other. Best bet is to get good enough to SDG it, and then get the token. It would be many times harder to get them within 5 of each other with numbers higher than don't bother trying this token if your stats for this song are like 96 boos or anything like that.
FFR Skill Token 41.png
41 Get a FC with 546+ perfects on The Pylons Are TRAP BALLS. Pass with a 4-0-0-0 or less, essentially.
Color of Giggles
FFR Skill Token 42.png
42 Get a combo greater than 5× your goods, averages, misses, and boos combined on Vertex BETA, and pass. There are 1755 notes in Vertex beta, meaning you cannot have combined stats of over 351 with a FULL COMBO. If you think you are good enough to hit something like this (120-86-0-145) or better on Vertex can get this token.
Dance To Moroder
FFR Skill Token 43.png
43 Pass From Mount Chorus with 15 or less averages.
Angel Stays On This Ground
FFR Skill Token 44.png
44 Get exactly 243 perfects with zero goods, averages, misses, or boos on Water Like Pudding. Set auto-fail to 243 perfects, AAA until you fail.
FFR Skill Token 45.png
45 Get a Full Combo on Brightone with nine or less goods.
~Absolute Zero~
FFR Skill Token 46.png
46 Get a total score of zero on Fahrenheit while hitting only one arrow. This can be done by going to the Settings menu and changing the autofail for Miss to 5. When you begin, press only one of the two direction in the first chord and get a perfect (100 points). After five misses occur you will have 0 points and the song will end.
Otaku Speedvibe [Heavy]
FFR Skill Token 47.png
47 Get AAA on a song in the difficulty range of 50-57. Try something short or something that has in between 700 to 900 notes.
Otaku Speedvibe [Oni]
FFR Skill Token 48.png
48 AAA a song in the difficulty range of 66-78. Try getting this on a 66. This will be easier for you. An example of a 66 is Gynandromorph.
Three Ring Nightfall
FFR Skill Token 49.png
49 Pass Sonic 1 Final Zone.
Clash at the Mountains
FFR Skill Token 50.png
50 Get a FC on Dawn with 788+ Perfects. 793 notes in the song, pass with a 5-0-0-0 or less.
FFR Skill Token 51.png
51 Pass Robotix with under 100 goods.
Story of Snowman and Sunshine Girl v2
FFR Skill Token 52.png
52 Get a Full Combo on Story of Snowman and Sunshine Girl with zero boos.
FFR Skill Token 53.png
53 Get between 995 and 1,005 combined perfects and goods on Classical Insanity with zero misses and two or less averages and boos combined. Set auto fail to 1000 perfects (in case you hit a couple goods) and try to AAA until you fail. Be extra cautious when approaching the 990 note mark! Accidentally hitting a bunch of boos when it fails you will make you have to replay the whole song to get the token even with the correct perfect requirement.
Love Cheat!
FFR Skill Token 54.png
54 Get a 500+ combo on Youkoso! Himitsu no Jambaraya!.
FFR Skill Token 55.png
55 Get a Full Combo with nine or less goods on Clash at the Mountains.
FFR Skill Token 56.png
56 Get 1,100+ boos on Silence while still passing. Quadhold everything...if life bar gets low, regain health, then quadhold everything again.
Binary Rendezvous
FFR Skill Token 57.png
57 Get a Full Combo on Ruins with under 10 boos.
FFR Skill Token 58.png
58 Get exactly 444 misses on Moonbeam with exactly four combo and under 440 perfects. AAA the left and down (ignore the up and right ones) arrows until the LARGE pause at the middle of the song...then AAA the up and right arrows (ignore the down and left ones) the rest of the way. Be patient, and FOCUS.
Abyss (Downbeat Mix)
FFR Skill Token 59.png
59 Get your (goods × averages × misses × boos) to be greater than zero but less than 5,000 on Horizon (and pass). Essentially, do good on horizion...but don't do great. If you normally AAA, get a good, average, boo, and miss at the beginning and just AAA the rest. As long as you have a (1-1-1-1) or higher, and less than a (10-10-10-5) you'll be alright.
Mou Uta Shika Kikoenai
FFR Skill Token 60.png
60 Get a Full Combo on PLANETZ. Not bad, mash if you have to.
Incognito v2
FFR Skill Token 61.png
61 Pass Incognito with 150 or less goods and 40 or less misses.
FFR Skill Token 62.png
62 Get a combo of 700+ on Prototypical.
Sail AwaY
FFR Skill Token 63.png
63 Full Combo Secret Zombie Room, Massive, and Breaking the Common in a row. If you are not exactly amazing at the game, mash breaking the common's streams to prevent FC'ing the other song's work from going down the drain. IF you miss a note DO NOT PANIC! INSTEAD refresh the page before you fail, OR close your browser before you fail...and you can replay the song and try again for the FC. DO NOT USE AUTO FAIL!!
Stunt Flying (Sanxion7 Mix)
FFR Skill Token 64.png
64 Get a Full Combo on Palindrome.
Prelude to Rites
FFR Skill Token 65.png
65 Get a combo of 250+ on Evil Approaches with 20 or less boos and 600+ perfects.
Cold Breath
FFR Skill Token 66.png
66 Get 600+ combo on Mercury Lamp (and pass) with three or less misses and boos.
Disconnected -mobius-
FFR Skill Token 67.png
67 Get AAA on Disconnected.
Made In Innocent
FFR Skill Token 68.png
68 Get a FC with nine or less goods on Below the Surface, Save Me, and Parachute in a row. Would only recommend trying for this token if you have AAA'd all three of these songs before. Trying for this token when you have trouble SDG'ing these levels of songs would be ridiculously tough to do it three times in a row.
FFR Skill Token 69.png
69 Get a Full Combo on Mou Uta Shika Kikoenai with four or less goods.
Distant Land
FFR Skill Token 70.png
70 Get a 700+ combo on Hardcore of the North with two or less misses, zero or one boos, 20 or less goods, and zero or one averages.
Hatten Carnival! v2
FFR Skill Token 71.png
71 Pass Hatten Carnival! with 550 or more perfects. 640 notes total, get under 90 goods.
Melonmans OP
FFR Skill Token 72.png
72 Get a Black Flag or AAA on Jurs OP three times in a row.
FFR Skill Token 73.png
73 Pass {Red Alert} with 300+ combo and 450+ perfects.
MaxX AttaxX
FFR Skill Token 74.png
74 Pass MAX Forever with a 500+ combo, 200 or less goods, 50 or less averages, 40 or less misses, and 100 or less boos.
The Five
FFR Skill Token 75.png
75 Get a Full Combo on Kyuin with 20 or less goods, two or less averages, and two or less boos.
Eien Maikyu
FFR Skill Token 76.png
76 Pass Free Space to unlock Eien Maikyu.
Genos Forest F-Zero
FFR Skill Token 77.png
77 Pass Super Mario 8-Bit Eighties Remix with at least a 100 combo.
FFR Skill Token 78.png
78 Get 100 or more perfects on Moonlight Sonata.
Pokémon DnB
FFR Skill Token 79.png
79 Pass Halcyon with 20 or less averages.
5.1.1. (AG Supercool Mix)
FFR Skill Token 80.png
80 Pass Dance 2 This with 20 or less boos.
Im Raving (B0UNC3 Mix)
FFR Skill Token 81.png
81 Pass Love You Anymore with 40 or less goods.
Do Not Sex To This
FFR Skill Token 82.png
82 Pass Activity Unbroken with 30 or less misses.
Summer Starry Sky
FFR Skill Token 83.png
83 Pass Trip To The Moon with 80+ Perfects.
Technostorm Hurricaine
FFR Skill Token 84.png
84 Get a 250+ combo on RainDrops.
Like Glass
FFR Skill Token 85.png
85 Pass Seattles Finest with 50 or less goods, 40 or less averages, 40 or less misses, and 60 or less boos.
Crying Soul
FFR Skill Token 86.png
86 Pass This Beat Is For Tha Streets with under 100 combined goods and averages.
One More Night (SynthWulf Remix)
FFR Skill Token 87.png
87 Pass Computer Dreams to unlock.
Ride of the Black Rider
FFR Skill Token 88.png
88 Pass Soul Shift with 170 or more combined perfects and goods.
Sine Reality II
FFR Skill Token 89.png
89 Pass Freak Out with at least 143 perfects.
FFR Skill Token 90.png
90 Pass For Who I Am with under 40 misses.
We Interrupt This Program (AG Flash Floor Mix)
FFR Skill Token 91.png
91 Pass Falling Into You with under 60 boos.
RainDrops v2
FFR Skill Token 92.png
92 Full Combo RainDrops with at least 463 (out of 465) perfects. Note that you may receive the token even if you don't get that many perfects (it is possible with just 439). AAA will of course guarantee you the token.
Electro Rush x8 v2
FFR Skill Token 93.png
93 Full Combo Electro Rush x8 with at least 785 perfects and zero boos. Obtain a 2-0-0-0 or less, basically.
Sonata Quasi Una Fantasia Mov.3
FFR Skill Token 94.png
94 Get an SDG (nine or less goods, zero averages, zero boos, FC) on Rondo Alla Turca and RAT v2 in a row (in that order). Rondo Alla Turca v1 is off-sync...remember this when hitting the arrows.
Nanairopanda v2
FFR Skill Token 95.png
95 Miss every yellow note and hit every other note on Nanairopanda and have no more than five goods or five boos and zero averages (and pass). Good luck! Memorize the entire song's structure and where each yellow note is. If you have played StepMania before, you may have the skills to evade mines. If this is the case, attempt to imagine the yellow notes as mines and skip over them. If you do not have this experience, have fun learning it on FFR while trying to get this token! If this is too much for you, you can try it the other complex way which is hit exactly 184 misses throughout the song. If you can remember how many notes you have missed, give it a go, but that task is practically impossible. This is a time consuming, painstaking, and rage inducing must be ready to endure annoyance of epic proportions to get it.

Keep in mind that for this strategy, you must also obtain the correct max combo count of 184.

Gacha Gacha Hertz Figu atto Radio
FFR Skill Token 96.png
96 Full combo Gacha Gacha Cute Figu atto Mate with 1 or less goods, 1 or 0 boos, and 0 averages.
Tell v2
FFR Skill Token 97.png
97 AAA Tell.
Disconnected Hardkore
FFR Skill Token 98.png
98 Pass Hardkore Atomic with 900+ combo and 20 or less boos. Get the 900 combo and expend most of your boos there, then get a butt load of misses at the end to keep your boo count less than 20.
Minute Waltz v2
FFR Skill Token 99.png
99 Pass One Minute Waltz with under 100 boos to unlock Minute Waltz v2. Get a lot of misses, and only hit what you know you can combo through without mashing.
Token Whore
FFR Skill Token 100.png
100 Unlock Skill Tokens 1-99, then go to
Big Blue v2
Big blue v2.png
101 Pass Big Blue to unlock Big Blue v2.
Token giga.png
102 Get a score of 2 Perfects, 4 Goods, 6 Averages, 8 Misses, 10 Boos, and a 12 Combo on Excite Bike to unlock OMGWTFT0k3N. Set your auto-fail to the following: 3 perfects, 5 goods, 7 averages, 8 misses and play the song. Hit 2 quad boos before the first notes appear, then you hit first 2 notes as perfects, next 4 as goods, next 6 as averages and LET GO OF THE KEYBOARD. When you auto the screen is beginning to black out you need to hit a double note boo so your stats get the desired 2-4-6-8-10 12 combo for the token unlock. This is a crucial part, and if you hit it too early, you might not get the 8th miss...too late and the boo's won't count. Be patient...this is a super specific requirement and requires focus and calmness.
BEER MY FRIEND 103 Get the current year spread out from goods to boos on any song to unlock BEER MY FRIEND. For example, in 2014, you must get 2 goods, 0 averages, 1 miss, and 4 boos.
BEER 104 Get the current year as your combo on any song to unlock BEER. Note: You do not have to pass the song to unlock this. One common song people play to unlock this is Colorful Course (which has 2014 notes).
Marisa Stole The Precious Thing 105 Get 214 combo and 214 or more misses on Kire Kire Mayoi to unlock Marisa Stole The Precious Thing.
St. Scarhand [Heavy] 106 AAA any song in between difficulties 79-84 to unlock St. Scarhand [Heavy].
party 4u -holy nite mix- 107 FC party 4u -holy nite mix- v3 and party 4u -holy nite mix- v2 with 0 boos in a row (in that order) to unlock party 4u -holy nite mix-. Remember that party 4u -holy nite mix- v2 has a VERY distracting background, it's blue and makes some notes almost impossible to see. Consider trying to get this token on the R^3 engine with the no background mod.
Metro 108 Get a score of 3 goods 0 averages 2 misses and 0 boos and pass on 3020 to unlock Metro.
JULIAN 109 Full combo JULIA to unlock JULIAN.
Ding Dong Song [Standard] 110 Pass Ding Dong Song [Light] with 10 or less misses and boos to unlock Ding Dong Song [Standard].
Elektrik Shiivers 111 Pass Footsteps to unlock Elektrik Shiivers.
A Correspondances Illumitees 112 Pass Elektrik Shiivers with 2 or less boos to unlock A Correspondances Illumitees.
Rudi the Techno Pioneer 113 Full Combo Nedeleg Laouen with 2 or less goods to unlock Rudi the Techno Pioneer.
Piano Etude (Demon Fire)[Oni] 114 Pass Piano Etude (Demon Fire)[Heavy] with an exact combo of 1224. Watch a replay of someone else unlocking this token so that you know which particular note to miss. Memorize this, you will need this for when you attempt to unlock the song. Alternatively, you can miss one of the arrows on the first jump of the file, make it to 1224 combo, miss after that and the token is yours.
Revolutionary Etude 115 Pass Revolutionary Etude v2 to unlock Revolutionary Etude.
Video Out B 116 Pass Video Out A with a B grade (31920-35295 raw score) to unlock Video Out B.
The Bird's Concrete Nosedive 117 FC The Bird's Poisoned Bathwater with less than 100 boos.
Crowdpleaser 118 Pass "Crowdpleaser v2" to unlock Crowdpleaser.
404th of July 119 Pass July with a score of 4-0-4-0 (4 goods 0 averages 4 misses and 0 boos) to unlock 404th of July.
Shadows 120 FC Electric Daisy Violin to unlock Shadows.
R176 v2 121 Pass R176 with 176 misses, 176 boos and 176 or less combined goods and averages to unlock R176 v2.
My Little Pony Medley [Heavy] 122 Full Combo My Little Pony Medley [Standard] with 9 or less combined goods and averages, without boos to unlock My Little Pony Medley [Heavy]. Basically, an easy strategy for this one is to go for 9 clean (9-0-0-0).
S 123 Pass Sonata Pathetique - Mov. I with exactly 8 goods and 13 boos without averages or misses.
Ball of Malt v2 124 Get a Full Combo on "Ball of Malt" to unlock Ball of Malt v2.
Nothing's Gonna Stop Me v2 125 Pass "Nothing's Gonna Stop Me".
Kirlian Shores 126 Full Combo Kirlian Changes with the same perfect and boo counts to unlock Kirlian Shores. Generally what people do with this one is hit one or two notes perfect (as well as that many boos, obviously) and hit everything else as goods. This will take a while, so don't worry if you get really frustrated trying to unlock this.
The earth blew up v2 127 Get 12 or less goods, 21 or less averages, 20 or less misses, 12 or less boos and pass on The earth blew up to unlock The earth blew up v2.
White Walls, Part 2 128 Pass and get a combo of 2500 or more with 9 or less misses on "White Walls, Part 1" to unlock White Walls, Part 2.
car select 129 Pass The Five with a score of 5 goods, 5 averages, 5 misses, and 5 boos to unlock car select.
Incident Zero 130 Get a full combo on ~Absolute Zero~ with no averages or boos to unlock Incident Zero.
Nanairopanda (32-bit Full Color MIX) 131 Get a full combo on Nanairopanda v2 with 32 goods or less, 0 averages, and 0 boos to unlock Nanairopanda (32-bit Full Color MIX)
St. Scarhand [Standard] 132 Get a AAA on a song in difficulty range between 58-65 to unlock St. Scarhand [Standard].
Wonder World! v2 133 AAA Wonder World! to unlock Wonder World! v2.
Epidermis v2 135 AAA "Epidermis" to unlock Epidermis v2.
Extratone in a Perfect World 136 Full Combo Extratone Pirates to unlock Extratone in a Perfect World.
grind2 v2 137 Pass grind2 with 2 or fewer misses and 2 or fewer boos to unlock grind2 v2.