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  • Z and X: By default, the player has to use these two keys to make Flunky walk left and right, with Q and A to make him move up and down, and C to make him pocket an object (or put it down); he starts off with a box of matches and his autograph book in his pocket, but he has room for one more object (as long as it is small enough to fit in). It is also possible to utilise a Kempston joystick instead of the keyboard (if one is connected).


FL Flunky.png

The eponymous protagonist of the game, whose depiction appears to have been inspired by that of the Spitting Image puppet "Muriel"; due to technical limitations, he and all other characters have yellow skin in the ZX version of the game, making them look like "The Simpsons of Buckingham Palace". A menial servant at the Palace, his object is to collect the autographs of the Royal Family (Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Charles, Prince Andrew, Sarah Ferguson, and Princess Diana, the last of whom got killed in 1997) by completing tasks for them - however, he will have to be careful, for the Palace's guards will punish him if he breaks any of its rules (but he can avoid them if he is quick enough). As in Piranha's own The Trap Door, each of the five tasks must be completed within a certain amount of time; whenever Flunky completes a task, he shall receive the remaining value on the Palace's countdown timer (which he can carry around with him!) as points (and a 1000-point bonus for the autograph he receives!). Flunky's total score is displayed on the wall of his starting room, which he can return to at any time - and it is also possible to restart the game in there by selecting the "ABORT" option, but you should only do this if you have no chance of winning.