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Skills are dependent on player level, class, and sometimes the level of other skills. The skill tree is opened by hitting the K key on the keyboard. Skill can be added to the Action Slot and then used by hitting the C key. Their are only five places for skills in the Action Slot and the skills are used in the order that they are from left to right.

Skills either cost FP (Physical skills) or MP (Mental Skills). FP and MP recover over time, faster when resting, and can also be replenished with items. To gain back FP you will use the Vita item (VitaDrink, VitaPotion, etc.), to gain back MP you use refreshers of various grades (first to sixth refresher).

Vagrant Skills[edit]

Skill Required Level Description
Clean Hit 3 A powerful, downward strike.
Flurry 5 Rapid, stabbing attack.
Over Cut 10 Powerful, upward, finishing move.

Mercenary Skills[edit]

Skill Required Level Required Skill Description
Slash 15 N/A Strikes the enemy two times, in rapid succession.
Keenwheel 18 Slash (Level 4) A continuous spinning attack.
Blindside 24 Keenwheel (Level 6) A spinning, finishing move.
Special Hit 30 Blindside (Level 8) A single, powerful strike.
Bloody Strike 20 Slash (Level 3) Drains life from an enemy.
Hit Reflect 25 Bloody Strike (Level 8) The next time an enemy attacks you, the damage will be reflected back at them.
Guillotine 30 Hit Reflect (Level 10) A powerful, ranged attack.
Protection 15 N/A Increases the defense of a shield against melee attacks.
Pan Barrier 18 Protection (Level 3) Increases the defense of a shield against ranged attacks.
Sneaker 20 Pan Barrier (Level 10) Stops an enemy.
Empower Weapon 20 Protection (Level 5) Strengthens the elemental damage of a weapon.
Smite Axe 25 Empower Weapon (Level 4) Increases the defense and striking power of an axe.
Axe Mastery 30 Smite Axe (Level 9) Increases the striking power of an axe.
Blazing Sword 25 Empower Weapon (Level 4) Increases the accuracy and striking power of a sword.
Sword Mastery 30 Blazing Sword (Level 9) Increases the striking power of a sword.

Knight Skills[edit]

Skill Required Skill Description
Charge N/A Powerful upward strike.
Pain Dealer Two-handed Axe Powerful, downward strike. Lowers the defense of the target.
Guard Two-handed Sword Increases defense by lowering attack power.
Earth Divider N/A Powerful downward strike.
Power Stomp Two-handed Axe Pounds the ground stunning nearby enemies.
Rage Two-handed Sword Increases striking power and HP. Lowers defense and accuracy rate.
Pain Reflection N/A Reflects part of the damage received by an enemy.
Power Swing Two-handed Weapon Strikes a blow at the enemy by flourishing the weapon.

Blade Skills[edit]

Skill Required Level Required Skill Description
Silent Strike 60 Sword Mastery (Level 3) A fast, sliding strike. Requires two swords.
Blade Dance 65 Silent Strike (Level 5) Strikes at multiple enemies. Requires two swords.
Spring Attack 60 Axe Mastery (Level 3) Strikes at an enemy multiple times. Requires two axes.
Hawk Attack 65 Spring Attack (Level 5) Powerful, downward strike. Small chance to blind the target. Requires two axes.
Armor Penetrate 62 N/A Strikes at the enemy and lowers its defense.
Berserk 65 Armor Penetrate (Level 4) Increases attack speed and striking power. Unable to use other skills while using Berserk.
Sonic Blade 70 Berserk (Level 7) Powerful, slashing attack. Requires two weapons.
Cross Strike 75 Sonic Blade (Level 7) Powerful strike using two weapons.

Assist Skills[edit]

None of the Assist skills require a particular order in the Action Bar slot and all Assist skills max out at level 20.

Skill Required Level Required Skill Description
Heal Heal 15 N/A Restores HP based on the level of Heal.
Patience Patience 18 Heal (Level 3) Gives target +10 HP per Patience level.
Quick Step Quick Step 18 Heal (Level 3) Player will walk/run faster depending on the Quick Step level.
Mental Sign Mental Sign 18 Heal (Level 3) Raises INT by 1 for each level of Mental Sign.
Tamping Hole Tamping Hole 20 Heal (Level 3) A good, slow, one hit strike.
Resurrection Resurrection 20 Patience (Level 4) Revives a fallen player and recovers some HP depending on level of Resurrection.
Heap Up Heap Up 20 Mental Sign (Level 4) Increases STA by 2 for every level of Heap Up.
Circle Healing Circle Healing 25 Resurrection (Level 4) An AoE healing skill that heals your troup's HP depending on the level.
Haste Haste 25 Quick Step (Level 3) Increase the speed of non-skill attacks.
Stonehand Stonehand 25 Tamping Hole (Level 4) Gives a chance to stun a target for around 4 seconds.

Note: Can only be cast on your character.

Beef Up Beef Up 25 Mental Sign (Level 4) Increases STR by one per level.
Cats Reflex Cats Reflex 28 Haste (Level 4) Increases the chance to dodge an attack.
Burst Crack Burst Crack 28 Stonehand (Level 4) A great AoE attack.
Prevention Prevention 30 Circle Healing (Level 4) A chance to prevent the player from dying from a critical attack.

Note: Can only cast on your character.

Accuracy Accuracy 35 Beef Up (Level 4) Increases accuracy of attack.
Cannonball Cannonball 35 Cats Reflex (Level 4) Increases DEX 1 for each level.
Powerfist Powerfist 35 Burst Crack (Level 4) Very strong, single target attack.

Billposter Skills[edit]

Skill Description
Belial Smashing Sliding, crushing attack.
Asmodeus Increases striking power.
Blood Fist Strikes a heavy blow to the enemy that causes it to lose HP.
Baraqijal Esna Increases striking power while decreasing defensive power.
Piercing Serpent Fires a piercing beam at the target.
Bgvur Tialbold Strikes at nearby enemies with an outward shockwave.
Sonichand Fast, straight punch.
Asalraalaikum Fully concentrated strike. Consumes 100% MP.

Ringmaster Skills[edit]

Skill Description
Protect Decreases the damage from physical attacks on a target.
Holycross Target enemy takes double damage for a limited time.
Gvur Tialla Removes de-buffs from a target.
Holyguard Decreases the damage from magical attacks on a target.
Spirit Fortune Increases striking power of a target.
Heal Rain Recovers HP for party members near you by increasing attack and attack speed.
Geburah Tiphreth Improves the combat ability of Party members near you.
Merkaba Hanzelrusha Enemies take damage in an area around you. Damage is lessened by elementing.

Magician Skills[edit]

Skill Description
Mental Strike Ranged mental attack. The first skill you need to know, it's a staple.
Blinkpool Allows you to teleport.
Flame Ball Strikes at the enemy with a ball of flame.
Flame Geyser Damages the enemy continuously with a geyser of flame.
Fire strike Damages an enemy with a fire ball. The enemy loses health for a limited time afterwards.
Swordwind Ranged, wind attack.
Strongwind Ranged, wind attack that moves the enemy.
Wind Cutter Ranged, wind attack.
Ice Missile Blasts the enemy with a missile of ice.
Waterball Water attack that damages the enemy multiple times.
Water Well Splashes the enemy with a water attack. The enemy takes damage over time.
Static Ball Damages the enemy with a ball of static.
Stone Spike Damages an enemy with a stone spike. Chance to stun the enemy.
Rockcrash Damages the enemy with a giant stone.
Rooting Prevents an enemy from approaching.

Elementor Skills[edit]

Skill Description
Firebird Damages the enemy with a fire blast.
Stone Spear Damages an enemy with a stone spear.
Void To attack the enemy by generating a perfect vacuum.
Thunder Strike Damages the enemy with a bolt of lightning.
Iceshark Ranged attack that fires an ice projectile.
Burningfield Does damage to the enemy over a period of time.
Earthquake Damages surrounding enemies area.
Windfield Damages surrounding enemies with a wind attack. The speed of the enemies will be reduced.
Eletric Shock Damage surrounding enemies with electricity. Defense of the enemies decreases.
Poison Cloud Damages enemies in the surrounding area.
Fire Master Increases the striking power of fire spells.
Earth Master Increases the striking power of earth spells.
Wind Master Increases the striking power of wind spells.
Lighting Master Damages surrounding enemies with electric blasts.
Water Master Increases striking power of water spells.
Meteor Shower Damages surrounding enemies with a falling meteor.
Sandstorm Damages surrounding enemies with a sandstorm.
Lightingstorm Damages surrounding enemies with electric blasts.
Blizzard Damages surrounding enemies with a snowstorm.

Psykeeper Skills[edit]

Skill Description
Demonolgy Damages the enemy with a mental blast.
Psychic Bomb Damages the enemy the with a ball of mental energy.
Crucio Spell Deals damage to an enemy equal to twice the amount the enemy deals.
Satanolgy Prevents an enemy from approaching.
Sprit Bomb Does damage to an enemy based on your remaining MP amount.
Maximum Crisis Surrounds and damages the enemy in a strong mental barrier.
Psychic Wall Creates a wall that pushes an enemy back and damages them if they touch it.
Psychic Square Damages the enemies around you with a psychic blast.

Acrobat Skills[edit]

Skill Description
Pulling Brings a target to you using Yo-yo.
Fast Walker Increases walk speed for a short time.
Dark Illusion Become Invisible for a short time.
Perfect Block Increases block rate.
Slow Step Slows an enemy.
YoYo Mastery Increases damage done with a Yo-yo.
Cross Line A Yo-yo strike that can cause stun.
Snitch Steal penya from a target while in Dark Illusion. Attack from behind.
Counter Attack Execute an attack after the enemy does.
Deadly Swing Strong Yo-yo blast. Chance to make the enemy lose health over time.
Junk Arrow Fire arrows wildly.
Bow Mastery Increases damage done with a Bow.
Silent Shot A surprise attack that does more damage during Dark Illusion.
Aimed Shot Slow shot that has a chance to deal double damage.
Auto Shot Rapid shot that can blind an enemy.
Arrow Rain Creates a rain of arrows that does damage over time.

Jester Skills[edit]

Skill Description
Enchant Poison Adds poison damage to your yo-yo and increases striking power.
Enchant Blood Adds blood damage to your yo-yo and increases striking power.
Escape Escape from a restraint.
Critical Swing Increases chance of critical strike.
Sneak Stab Attack a target from behind. Chance to stun target.
Enchant Absorb Adds the ability to drain HP to your yo-yo.
Vital Stab Surprise attack while in Dark Illusion.
Penya Strike Strengthens the attack of a yo-yo by consuming penya.

Ranger Skills[edit]

Skill Description
Ice Arrow Slows an enemy down by shooting it with arrows covered in ice.
Flame Arrow Gives the fire element to arrows and damages surrounding enemies.
Poison Arrow Adds poison damage to Bow and increase your striking damage.
Fast Shot Increase Bow attack speed for a limited time.
Piercing Arrow Increased arrow strike.
Nature Increases resistance to magic.
Triple Shot Fires three arrows at once.
Silent Shot Attacks the enemy and prevents him from casting spells.