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Hiryu no Ken select screen.png

Flying Dragon/Hiryu no Ken is composed of two different styles of game play, the Journey sections and the Tournament sections, which alternate each stage. Each style of game play has their only slightly unique set of controls, so refer to each page to learn how to play.

When you begin a new game, you are presented with the selection menu shown on the right.

  • If you wish to start a new game at the normal level of difficulty, choose "BEGINNER."
  • If you wish to start a new game at a slightly higher level of difficulty, choose "PROFESSIONAL." The harder version features enemies which do more damage, and gives you less time to react to the attack and defense spots on each fighters' bodies.
  • If you wish to continue a game that you obtained a password for, select "PASS WORD" and enter the password that you were given at the end of a previous game to continue from the journey portion of the stage you last played on.