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  • Left dpad / Right dpad: Press left or right on the direction pad to advance Ryuhi in either direction.
  • Down dpad: Hold down on the direction pad to squat. Ryuhi cannot attack while squatting in this mode.
  • A button: Press the A button to perform a kick.
  • B button: Press the B button to punch. If Ryuhi has collecting the Crescent Wave tile from the third Journey mini boss, he can throw Crescent Wave attacks when he punches.
  • Start button: Press Start to begin a new game, or to pause the action mid-game.
  • Select button: Press Select to quickly advance through any text or dialogue.



Hiryu no Ken Ryuhi Journey.png

In order to reach his ultimate destinations such as master Gengai's dojo, or to any one of the tournaments, Ryuhi must take to the street, or travel along a path that puts him in direct contact with the Tusk Soldiers. It is not enough the Ryuhi simply reaches his destination; he must do combat with several members of their gang in order to gain access to the entrance at the end of the journey. If he does not, he will have no choice but to loop around and repeat the journey over and over until he finally obtains the key from the fifth boss that he defeats. However, defeating the first four bosses will grant him powers and improve his fighting ability, so combat is well worth the effort. Along the way, several statues are positioned along the path and on rooftops. If Ryuhi attacks some of them, they will reveal hidden items for Ryuhi to collect. Ryuhi has a health meter, shown at the top of the screen. Every time he is hit by an enemy attack, he loses a little health. If he loses all of his health, or if he falls down a pit along the bottom of the screen, he loses one life and must start the journey over from the beginning.


Hiryu no Ken Journey Thug.png
Hiryu no Ken Journey Demon.png

As Ryuhi travels along a path, several of the Tusk Soldiers henchmen thugs will appear and advance on Ryuhi in an effort to attack him and slow him down. They are neither powerful or intelligent, and are easily taken out with one attack. Nevertheless, they are fearless and will not stop for any reason, so be prepared to face them as they approach. Bosses will only appear after you have defeated a high enough quantity of thugs. Ordinary thugs are one predominant color. On occasion, you may notice a thug that wears a slightly different set of colors. These thugs are a bit faster than an ordinary thug, so you must be prepared to react accordingly. In addition to the basic thugs, you may be attacked by demon heads at various points along the journey. These heads appear from the right side of the screen and travel straight to the left. They are invulnerable to attack and are best avoided entirely.


After a number of thugs have been defeated, a boss will appear to challenge you along your journey. Though the bosses differ in appearance, and sometime in movement, they are fairly similar to one another. They each attack by lobbing an object at you, and they must be defeated in order to collect one of the 力 (or chikara) labels. The fifth 力 label that you collect will be the key to the entrance at the end of your journey, so you must defeat at least five bosses to complete any journey. A boss can only be defeated if you deplete its life when they're on the screen. If you push them off the screen, or if they fall down a pit, they will escape.

Hiryu no Ken Journey Boss1.png Hiryu no Ken Journey Boss2.png Hiryu no Ken Journey Boss4.png
Girl: The girl is the first boss that you will encounter. She attacks by throwing deadly hair bows. Reaper: The reaper appears to prevent your passing. He attacks by slinging objects at you with his sickle. Punk: The punk is eager to face you and put an end to your journey by chucking rocks at your head.
Hiryu no Ken Journey Boss3.png Hiryu no Ken Journey Boss5.png Hiryu no Ken Journey Boss6.png
Demon A: This strange creature hops about and spits rocks at you. If you have Crescent Waves, attack from a distance. Demon B: With four arms, this demon is capable of flying freely throughout the screen, regardless of platforms or obstacles. Demon C: This demon flies even more directly at Ryuhi than the previous demon does, stopping every so often to fire a projectile at you.


力 labels[edit]

Hiryu no Ken Journey Scroll.png

In order to complete any journey, Ryuhi must fight and defeat five bosses to collect the chikara labels that they are holding. For every label that Ryuhi collects, he will gain one additional ability until he collects the fifth and final label, which will grant him access to the entrance at the end of his journey.

Hiryu no Ken Journey Power.png The first chikara label is the Power label. This will grant Ryuhi a greater amount of strength and he will deliver more damage to the bosses whenever he punches or kicks them.
Hiryu no Ken Journey Jump.png The second chikara label is the Jump label. Not only does this enable Ryuhi to jump higher, it also allows him to move a little faster. Without this label, many of the statues that are positioned on rooftops are inaccessible to Ryuhi. This is an important label to have in order to find all of this hidden items.
Hiryu no Ken Journey Cosmic Saucer.png The third chikara label is the Crescent Wave label. With this label, Ryuhi is given the ability to fire Crescent Wave attacks from his fist with every punch. The waves travel a short distance forward before dissipating. Certain scrolls can teach Ryuhi how to enhance the power of his Crescent Wave attacks.
Hiryu no Ken Journey Multiple Waves.png The fourth chikara label is the Multiple Wave label. While the third label gives Ryuhi the ability to fire a Wave from his fist, he is only able to fire on one the screen at any given moment. The fourth label enables him to fire more than one at a time, increasing the effectiveness of this attack.
Hiryu no Ken Journey Key.png The fifth chikara label is the Key label. This final label is required in order to pass through the doors that are found at the end of every journey. If Ryuhi does not have this label by the time the entrance is reached, he must continue to walk forward and repeat the journey until the key is collected.

Hidden statue items[edit]

The following items may be hidden inside particular statues along your journey. You must attack a statue to reveal any hidden item that it might contain.

Hiryu no Ken Money Bag.png
Collect the money bag to earn 10,000 bonus points.
Hiryu no Ken Medicine Bottle.png
Grab the medicine bottle to give a quick boost to your lost health.
Hiryu no Ken Dragon Scale.png
When you collect the dragon scale, an aura of protection will project in front of you, eliminating any enemy that comes in contact with it until you get hurt.
Hiryu no Ken KO Gauge.png
By collecting a K.O. Gauge icon, your starting K.O. meter will be one step closer to being full when you begin a new tournament fight.
Hiryu no Ken 1up Panel.png
Grab this elusive 1-up panel to earn an extra life.
Hiryu no Ken Rematch Panel.png
Collect the rare ? panel in order to give yourself one more shot at a missed scroll. If you feel that you missed an opportunity to earn a scroll, press Up dpad+Select button at the Tournament fight announcement screen to challenge the previous fighter once again.