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This is the final journey that you must embark upon. You will not encounter the girl mini-boss this time around. Instead, you will fight all five other mini-bosses, including both floating demon types. Juan panels become a little more difficult to find, and your enemies will advance upon you at the fastest rate possible. Keep your health up as best as you can, and reach the Crescent Wave panel as early as possible.



Hiryu no Ken Sonram.png

Sonram is a Muay Thai fighter much like Jungle Tagon. Just like Tagon, he has a powerful jumping knee attack which he aims at your head when he is standing a bit apart from you. Also like Tagon, he favors kick attacks which means he will not give you many opportunities to throw him. You may be lucky enough to spot a blue target on him from time to time. Don't miss the chance to hit him with your most powerful attack. A Hiryu no Ken attack aimed at a blue target on his head is enough to knock off a quarter of his life.


Hiryu no Ken Mugenshirou.png
Hiryu no Ken Tusk Soldier4.png

Unlike previous matches, the Tusk Soldier hiding in this round of fights is not your third opponent. Mugenshirou is a Karate expert that is also hiding as a Tusk Soldier. Very much like your first opponent Go Hayato, he has a flying kick attack that can be extremely difficult to avoid. He also has a tendency to attack you three times in succession high, middle, and low. Then you will often have an opportunity to do the same to him. Whether you realize that Mugenshirou is a Tusk Soldier or not, you're going to have to fight him to the finish.

If you discovered two Juan panels along the Journey, he will tell you, in no uncertain terms, how to transform him: you must defeat Mugenshirou with a well placed Hiryu no Ken attack. This means that when Mugenshirou is within the last four bars of his life, you must be sure to have a full KO gauge, and execute the attack when the red target appears near his head. If you succeed, he will transform. As a Tusk Soldier, he has the ability to fire projectiles both high and low. Defeat him and you will earn the Gowan-no Sho scroll, which increases your defensive ability (you will change from green to red as an indication of your improved defense.)

Wolf Morgan[edit]

Hiryu no Ken Wolf Morgan.png

Wolf Morgan is an extremely challenging Martial Artist with the same abilities as Litron. He can perform the flying body attack, the spinning kick off the top rope, and the brain buster grab. He is also quite skilled at evading your attacks. He is fast, so you'll need to pay close attention to the placement of the target if you wish to hit him at all. If you are lucky, you might have an opportunity to knock him out with one hit if the red star appears. Don't miss this chance to end the fight early and advance to the next round of eliminations.

Demon Kabuki[edit]

Hiryu no Ken Tusk Soldier5.png
Hiryu no Ken Demon Kabuki Info.png
Hiryu no Ken Demon Kabuki.png

Demon Kabuki is one of the most feared grapplers in the world. He is powerful and it doesn't take too many hits from Demon Kabuki to make short work of you. He has a tendency to aim punches towards you head, which is lucky for you because if you defend fast enough, you will have an opportunity to throw him. In fact, for such a powerful character, he is surprisingly easy to throw. This is because throwing him is an important step in revealing the fact that Demon Kabuki is really a Tusk Soldier and the keeper of the final stolen scroll.

To transform Demon Kabuki, you must follow a very specific set of steps. At some point, he will go to punch you in the head. Defend his upper attack and throw him. When he stands up, he will almost assuredly try to do it again from the other side. Defend the attack and throw him a second time. When he stands up, there will be a blue target by his feet. You must perform the low sweeping roundhouse on this target by pressing Down dpad+A button+B button. If you succeed at this, he will transform. He will put up a good fight, utilizing both high and low fire projectiles, and Hiryu no Ken attacks. Counter with your own Crescent Waves and Hiryu no Kens. When you defeat him, you will earn the Hicho-no Sho scroll, which will perfect the power of your Hiryu no Ken, and allow you to use it even against the power Dargon.

Gaiga Bruiser[edit]

Hiryu no Ken Gaiga Bruiser.png

There is only one word to descrive Gaiga Bruiser: fast. The target will move around at nearly its fastest rate when you compete against Gaiga Bruiser. You may feel that you do not have enough time to react to it, but if you concentrate hard enough, you can perform your attacks as quickly as you see the target appear. Fortunately for you, the target is a little slower when it is on your body, giving you just enough time to defend against his attacks. As a boxer, he will rarely present you with an opportunity to throw him, but if he does, don't miss it for a fast way to remove his health.


Hiryu no Ken Dargon.png
Hiryu no Ken Tusk Soldier6.png

Dargon poses the ultimate challenge as a World Champion fighter. He may look old, but his looks belie an impressive ability to overwhelm his opponent with Kung-Fu attacks. Out of all the opponents you have faced before him, he is actually most similar to Min Min, with the added ability to perform the Hiryu no Ken at frequent intervals. He lieks to show this ability off, and will even use it to counter some of your late attacks. Jump out of the way when he takes off to use it.

Not only is Dargon a Tusk Soldier, he is their leader. As such, there is no secret requirement to make him reveal himself; simply defeat him and he will transform into the most difficult Tusk Soldier of all. He can throw high and low fire projectiles, and uses the Hiryu no Ken attack frequently. He will almost always trick throw you so try to avoid performing high punches. When you beat him the first time, you will learn that he was not in fact the true Dargon, and that in order to complete the Mandala, you must actually collect four additional crystal balls from the Journey portion of the game. You will be sent back to Elimination Round A where you must play through the game again, seeking one Crystal Ball from each Journey leg of the stage.

If you are meeting him for the second time, and have acquired all four crystal balls, you will face a much more powerful version of him. He will be the strongest opponent that you face, and he will be able to knock you out with only a few attacks, if you do not make use of Medicine bottles. Try to keep your KO gauge as full as possible, and use the Crescent Wave attack to hit him from a safe distance. If you succeed at beating Dargon again, you will be declared the true world champion, and the master of the Hiryu no Ken technique.