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Flying Hero
Box artwork for Flying Hero.
Publisher(s)Epic Sony Record
Release date(s)
ModesSingle player
TwitchFlying Hero Channel

Flying Hero (飛ing ヒーロー?) is an action game developed by Aicom for the Famcicom, and published by Epic Sony Record in Japan in 1989. The game consists of a series of burning buildings, where the goal is to either put out the fires or rescue all the civilians within. This is done by having two firefighters launch the third with their trampoline. The player can also earn rewards by catching items as they fall out of the building, though they must always prioritize the falling firefighter - dropping him will cost the player a life.

Aicom developed a similar game for the Sega Master System the previous year named Megumi Rescue. Though there are various differences between the two versions, they have the same premise and play similarly. Flying Hero was slated for an American release by ASCII. This version, renamed 'Blazebusters', was ultimately canceled. Interestingly, Flying Hero also appeared at the time in American video game magazines under the name 'Super Rescue'.

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