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Box artwork for Freeciv.
Developer(s)Hundreds of volunteers
Publisher(s)Hundreds of volunteers
System(s)Windows, Mac OS, Linux
Release date(s)
Latest version2.3.0
WebsiteFreeciv wiki
Freeciv forums
Freeciv SourceForge project
TwitchFreeciv Channel

Freeciv is an open-source, free-to-play, single-player or multi-player, computer game developed independently (since 1996) but admittedly inspired by Civilization: it "was created as a multiplayer version of Civilization™". Its current main downloadable versions include one that is very like Civilization II but with distinct improvements.

The game and its wiki come in over a dozen languages. Active development continues on several fronts.

Freeciv multiplayer is enabled by having one player host a server.

Freeciv screenshot

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