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These instructions are from the Freeciv game.

Unit Orders[edit]

PC Action
a (a)uto-settler (settler/worker units)
b (b)uild city (settler units)
b help (b)uild wonder (caravan units)
B go to and (B)uild city on target tile (settler units)
d (d)iplomat/spy actions (diplomat/spy units)
D (D)isband unit
e build airbas(e) (airbase units)
f (f)ortify unit (military units)
f build (f)ortress (settler/worker units)
g (g)o to tile (then left-click mouse to select target tile)
g add a (g)o-to waypoint (when in go-to mode)
G return unit to nearest city
h set unit's (h)omecity (to city on current tile)
i build (i)rrigation or convert terrain (settler/worker units)
I connect current and target tile with (I)rrigation
I set an (I)rrigation waypoint (when connecting with irrigation)
l (l)oad unit on transporter
L connect current and target tile with rai(L)
L set a rai(L) waypoint (when connecting with rail)
m build (m)ine or convert terrain (settler/worker units)
n clean (n)uclear fallout
N explode (N)uclear
o transf(o)rm terrain (engineer unit)
p clean (p)ollution (settler/worker units)
p drop (p)aratrooper (paratroop units)
P (P)illage (destroy terrain alteration)
q patrol with unit (then left-click mouse to select other endpoint)
q add a patrol waypoint (when in patrol mode)
r build (r)oad/railroad (settler/worker units)
r establish trade (r)oute (caravan units)
R connect current and target tile with (R)oad
R set a (R)oad waypoint (when connecting with road)
s (s)entry unit
S un(S)entry all units on tile
t unit go (t)o/airlift to city
T unload all units from (T)ransporter
u (u)nload unit from transporter
U (U)pgrade unit
x unit auto e(x)plore

Unit Selection[edit]

PC Action
z select only first unit of selected group
v select all units on tile
V (on tile) select all units of the same type as the active unit
C (on continent) select all units of the same type as the active unit
X (everywhere) select all units of the same type as the active unit
w (w)ait: focus on next unit
5 focus on previous unit
space done giving orders (unit stays put)

Unit Movement[edit]

PC Action
1 move south-west
2 move south
3 move south-east
4 move west
6 move east
7 move north-west
8 move north
9 move north-east

Main Map (Keys)[edit]

PC Action
c (c)enter view on active unit
Shift + Home center view on capital
Shift + arrows scroll map
Ctrl + B show/hide national borders
Ctrl + D show/hide city trade routes
Ctrl + G show/hide map grid lines
Ctrl + N show/hide city names
Ctrl + P show/hide city production
Ctrl + R show/hide city growth
Ctrl + W show/hide city output
Ctrl + Y show/hide city outlines

Main Map (Mouse)[edit]

PC Action
Left-click on city Pop up city dialog
Left-click on unit Activate unit
Left-click-and-drag on unit Go-to command for unit (if keyboardless goto enabled in options)
Center-click Show tile info
Right-click Center tile in view
Shift-Left-click Copy production (GTK)
Shift-Right-click on city Paste production into city (GTK)
Shift-Control-Left-click Adjust city workers
Control-Center-click Wake up sentried units
Shift-Alt-Right-click Show city workers (mouse over or near city)

Area Selection mode (GTK)[edit]

PC Action
Right-click-and-drag Enter Area Selection mode
Left-click Toggle tile highlighting
Shift-Right-click Paste production into highlighted cities
Right-click Cancel Area Selection mode

The cities that become highlighted on the map, will also be highlighted in the City Report.

Dialogs and Reports[edit]

PC Action
F1 show Map View
F2 open Unit Report
F3 open Nations Report
F4 open City Report
F5 open Economy Report
F6 open Research Report
F7 open World Wonders
F8 open Top Five Cities
F9 open Messages dialog
F11 open Demographics
F12 open Spaceship
Ctrl + F open Find City dialog
Ctrl + L open Worklists dialog
Ctrl + T open Tax/Lux/Sci Rates dialog
Shift + Ctrl + R open Revolution dialog
Shift + Return Turn done