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You made the choice of playing Freeciv. Welcome! This will get you started.

Step 1: Get Freeciv[edit]

  • Windows and Mac: Go here and pick your download and install normally.
  • Linux: Search with your package manager. If not, go here, get the source code, and hop around doing "./configure && make && sudo make install".

Step 2: Jump Over The Cliff (not really, just an introduction to getting started)[edit]

  • If you've played Civilization before Freeciv will be very familiar. Go 2 pages forward, sir.
  • Else, hold your horses.
  • Start a new game and pick your nation and then say "Ready".
  • Go into Windows -> Research and research something, like another government.
  • Select the explorer and a dialog will pop up. That happens because there are more than one unit there.
  • Double-click on a Settler and then go to Unit -> Build City. Click OK (you can not change the name when you are done, be warned)
  • End your turn.

You have made your mark on Freeciv. Proceed for the controls of the game.