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Scene 1[edit]

Bagmen are holding many hostages. Save the innocent.

You start out at a stopped airplane with way too many emergency exits. They will open up as you go by and bagmen or hostages may pop up. Sometimes the door is just plain empty. This doesn't mean a goon won't show up there after a few seconds.

Scene 2[edit]

Now that the plane is secure, the criminals are in the terminal walkway. As they look out from the windows, take them out. Look out for the grannies that have a death wish. After scrolling to the right you are nearly done.

Scene 3[edit]

This takes place in the airport terminal itself. The goons like to pop up from behind the pillars. There are a lot of hostages here, including ones that are used as body shields. Do not attempt to shoot the foe behind any of those, as this will only result in slaying the hostage, while the bad guy goes home free.

When the scene reaches that refreshment stand, be on the lookout for both right and left pillars. This will be a little bit tougher as they are so far apart.

Scene 4[edit]

You have made it outside the airport. Enemies tend to be behind trees, but take special care of the guys hiding inside the broken buses on the far sides of the street. There are lots of civilians that like to hang about for a long time as well.

Scene 5[edit]

Eugene Extreme's hideout. There are lots of goons here in the windows and some grannies obviously haven't learned from the airport walkway. After one hellish cycle through the neighborhood, you have flattened the enemy HQ.

Now you may restart the game from the beginning with added difficulty. On the fourth time you have managed to destroy the HQ, there is a new ending sequence.