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"Old Imperial Navy Fighter", Sigma-13
C5 - 2xDIAMONDBACK L10 guns, etc.
C/D5 - 2xJADE, 1xWasp launcher, 5xWasp Missile, 20xCounter, 20xDrone Mine
C3 - 2xIRON HAMMER, etc.; 2xSILVER FIRE, etc.
C3/4 - 2xBLOODSTONE, etc.
"Fugaku", Honshu
C3 (follow patrol routes) - 2xTanto, 1xTanto Turret
"Robert Fitzgerald", Sigma-17
Bottom center of F4 - 3x adv. starbeam turret, 2xheavy starbeam, 20xalien organisms (worth $2000 each in California or Cambridge, $600 each at nearby planet Kurile).
"Pathfinder", Omicron Beta
E5 - 2 WILD FIRE L10 cannons, 10 paralyzer missiles, other stuff.
BEWARE: Omicron Beta is fiercely guarded by Outcast Sabres. You might want to buy off one of their allies before visiting.
"Hosho Maru", Omicron Beta
4xAdv. Starbeam Turret, 2xAdv. Starbeam, 20xAlien Organisms.
Escort Ships: 2x Skyblast B
"Hien", Sigma-19
E3 - 1xSkyblast Turret A, 2xSunblast B
"Menorca" Sigma-19
F6 - 2xAngelito Mk 2, 20xArtifacts
"Kobe Maru" Shikoku
C5 - 2xDrake Type A, 20xArtifacts
3x"Kusari Naval Forces Fighter", Hokkaido
C3 - 2xSunfury 2, 2xDisinfector 1, 2xScrambler 2
"Mongoose", Sigma-17
2xBLUE BLAZE L10, 1xGunslinger Turret Mk 1, 10xParalyzer Missile
"Rebel", Omicron Theta
E6 - 2xTHOR'S HAMMER L10, 1xGunslinger Turret Mk 1, 10xParalyzer Missile
"Vengeance" Omicron Gamma
C5 - 2xGUARDIAN, etc.
Hessian Fighters in Omega-5(?)
Corsair Fighters in Omega-7
C5 - 6xAngelito 1
Outcast Graves, Omicron Alpha
4F - great haul, but beware of Nomads.
2xWyrm Type 2, Ripper Mine (Launcher & 5 Mines), 10xParalyzer Missile (twice)
2xCERBERUS, etc.
2xGUARDIAN, etc.
Bounty Hunter Fighter in Omega-11 C4/5 - nothing
Daumann Fighter, Omega-11
C5 - nothing
Independence, Omega-41
D/E4 - 2xHeavy Starbeam, 2xFlashpoint Turret, 20xDiamonds
Fearless, Omicron Theta
G6 - 2xHeavy Starbeam, 2xFlashpoint Turret, 20xArtifacts
Barossa, Tau-37
D6 - 2xHeavy Starbeam, 2xFlashpoint Turret, 0xNiobum?!?
Griffin, Tau-37
Old Kruger Storage Container, Sigma-13
E5 - nothing
Corsair Fighter(s), Omicron Gamma
F2 - many 20xArtifacts, 2xSalamanca I
Viking, Omicron Alpha
D6 - 2xPROMETHEUS, Paralyzers, Gunslinger
Whetstone, Tau-31
D3/4 - 2x Heavy Starbeam, 3xAdv. Starbeam Turret, 20xCon. Mach