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Whoops, looks like you need to leave Liberty for a while.

When you get to Mactan base, sell your Engine Components, and upgrade to the Class 4 shield. Notice that they sell the Dromedary freighter here, the largest freighter (at 275) in the game, but unfortunately you need to be Level 10 to buy it.

Continue on to Leeds. You are now Level 8.


OK, time for a new ship again. Ignore what Tobias said; there's no reason to go to New London to get a ship. Instead, he just gave you about $20K. Either buy the Clydesdale or Cavalier here, or head north to Stokes, then towards the planet you can see to the north, and dock at Battleship York to buy the Crusader heavy fighter.

You can go pretty much anywhere now, but I'd just explore Leeds for the moment. There are some interesting derelicts:

Lorenzo (lower right C2) - 2xPyros Type 2, 1xDragoon Turret Type 1, 20xCardamine
This is in a radiation zone, so watch out. When you get to the hazard buoys, follow them around to the right until the Lorenzo shows up on your contact list, then get in and out quickly. Go ahead and sell the Cardamine at LD-14; you're not going to get a better price in Bretonia.
San Vicente (left D6) - 2xDragoon Type 2, 1xDragoon Turret Type 1

You can mine for Niobium ($640) in the middle of the Stokes field, near the Asteroid Miners.

Before you leave to meet Juni on Cambridge, stock up on Optronics from Leeds. When you get to Cambridge, sell them, buy Diamonds, and go talk to Juni.