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Before you leave, pick up a load of Light Arms.

Ignore Juni when she tells you to attack the cruiser. In your freighter, you're a sitting duck for its turrets.

If you don't have a Class 5 Graviton shield, Advanced Thruster or Advanced Countermeasures yet, buy them at Shinkaku.

When you get to Kyushu, sell the Light Arms.


Welcome to Kusari space. If you're tired of flying a freighter, try going to the other extreme—the Kusari Drake light fighter is the fastest ship in the game. It even turns faster than the Starflier you started the game with. If you want something a bit heavier, your options are the Bounty Hunter Barracuda or the Kusari Dragon; the Barracuda turns faster and is less vulnerable to missiles, but the Dragon is smaller and harder to hit. Or just stick with the Dromedary. Your choice. If you want the Dragon, you'll need to visit a battleship. There's one at the western end of the trade lanes in Kyushu. The Hawk isn't very interesting; it doesn't turn any faster than the Barracuda, and it doesn't carry as many guns.

You might like to go with the Drake, armed with two Angelito Mk 1s and two angelito Mk 2s. Don't sell all of your Angelito turrets; keep one for later in the story.

Right now you may not have any enemies in Kusari space. That's kind of boring; try flying a few freelance missions against one of the factions to make them angry. You may want to try flying against the Blood Dragons, as they'll like you again soon.

Things off the trade lanes in Kyushu:

Hokkaido Jump Hole, E2
New Tokyo Jump Hole, G4
Nansei Research Complex (Samura), C4/5
Kagoshima Depot (Farmers Alliance), G4

And in New Tokyo:

Kyushu Jump Hole, C6
Kabukicho Depot (Hogosha), C5
Honshu Jump Hole, G4 (found in mission)

When you're ready, pick up a load of H-Fuel (try east side of the Honshu System) and head on over to the bar at Shinagawa.