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There are 30 bodyguards in total: 27 regular bodyguards and 3 special ones called "drifter bodyguards". You don't need bodyguards for big parts of the game, but eventually you will need some help. Tingle is too weak to fight the stronger enemies on his own. Also, there are a couple of Rupee Goods hidden in each dungeon (except Hero's Shrine) and only with the aid of the bodyguards can you get them.

The regular bodyguards have to be hired in one of the Bodyguard Salons that can be found on every island except Hometown Prairie. Each continent has its own set of nine bodyguards, who have the same sprites (but different colours) as their counterparts on the other continents. Since each of the nine bodyguards has a certain behavior-skill combination, you can easily recognize your preferred bodyguard-type on each continent.

Behaviour Description
Aggressive Aggressive bodyguards will attack any enemy they see without you commanding them to, regardless of their health.
Assertive Assertive bodyguards will not attack unless you either command them to or get in a battle yourself, in which case they will help you.
Passive Passive bodyguards will not attack unless you get in a fight yourself and move it to them.

Type Description Dungeon Skill
Small Small bodyguards are cheap and have relative low health, attack and defence. They can enter small holes.
Medium Medium bodyguards are have an average price and have relative medium health, attack and defence. They can unlock doors.
Large Large bodyguards are expensive and have relative high health, attack and defence. They can remove big boulders.

To hire the salon bodyguards, you have to talk to the one you want. If you can't find one you like, ring the bell to change the current line-up. You'll be asked to pay commission to be allowed to make an offer to a bodyguard, which is 10 rupees on the first continent, 50 on the second and 100 on the third. If it is not accepted, all your money except for the commission will be returned to you.

A salon bodyguard will automatically appear on the island Tingle is on (except of Hometown Prairie), as long as that island is part of the continent the bodyguard is connected to. If you travel to a different continent, you'll be without a bodyguard. Hiring a new bodyguard on a different continent will cause the contract with the bodyguard on the other continent to end. Other ways to end a contract are entering Hero's Shrine or letting the bodyguard collapse. In the latter case, you can choose to make a new contract with the bodyguard, which means paying them again. They will then be revived. To prevent having to make a new contract, you have to keep the bodyguards health up by cooking and feeding them health potions.

Drifter bodyguards work a tad different. For one, you have to prove you're worthy of their assistance before you get a chance to negotiate with them. Secondly, after you've proven your worth, you still have to randomly find them somewhere in the world in order to be able to make them an offer and recruit them. As such, if you offer too low, you have to find them again. Thirdly, they do not take healing potions and when they collapse, they can not be hired again at that time. You'll have to find them again later. Additonally, trying to enter a Bodyguard Salon with a Drifter Bodyguard will cause them to leave. These disadvantages are compensated by their impressive stats, their "stronger moves" which they perform quite regularly and them being able to travel between continents.

There is also a third group of bodyguards. You have to team up with Junglo and the Guard at some point in the game to progress. They aren't registered as bodyguards and thus have no description or title. In fact, while they act as bodyguards, it's actually Tingle who is their bodyguard.

Two small notes:

  • Bodyguards do not steal items or rupees. Everything they pick up goes to Tingle's inventory.
  • Bodyguards are capable of doing two special moves once in awhile. This event is known as a "Tingle Chance" and happens randomly in battle. You get to see a slot machine and the first two reels will automatically stop at the same symbol. By touching the screen, you have to stop the third one. If you get the same symbol as the first two, a small movie starts. When it's finished, all enemies on the screen die (even those not in battle) and the reward is a lot better.

The Bodyguards[edit]

The Salon Bodyguards[edit]

No. Name Title Description Type Behaviour HP Strength Def. Continent Cost
01 ZuZu Can I Have A Tissue? Represents the third generation of Snotty Martial Arts Masters... Some fear for the school's future... Small Passive 4 3 3 First 35
02 Titch Nursery School Brat His hobby is annoying grown-ups. He is a junior member of a certain secret society... Small Aggressive 4 3 3 First 45
03 Cano Super Guard Dog Specially-trained guard dog, Cano's bite is even worse than his bark! Small Assertive 4 3 3 First 65
04 Chuckles Clowing Around A forgetful clown who couldn't recall where his circus tent was... What will he forget today? Medium Passive 5 4 5 First 105
05 Zonma Expert Swordswoman Her personality is somewhat sharp and her sword is her best friend... Medium Aggressive 5 4 5 First 125
06 Mike Head For Business An ambitious businessman who heard there were rupees to be made being a Bodyguard. Medium Assertive 5 4 5 First 135
07 Generalissimo Fighting Drummer Likes nothing more than practicing his drumming, but is reliable in a battle. Large Passive 7 6 8 First 200
08 Bosco Always Ready To Bat! Enjoys playing baseball with passing monsters... ...using them as the ball! Large Aggressive 7 6 8 First 220
09 Mighty Muscles Arms Of Steel A man with impressive muscles and an array of bad jokes, bound to amuse children and irritate adults... Large Assertive 7 6 8 First 230
10 Tonpei Older But Not Wiser The founder of the Snotty School of Martial Arts. A veteran, though his footwork has slipped somewhat... Small Passive 10 9 8 Second 385
11 Chiro Kid Gangster Elite Member of a secret society made up of nursery school students... Much better than that yellow kid... Small Aggressive 10 9 8 Second 400
12 Gnash Don't Pat Him Another graduate of an elite guard dog training program. Very loyal. Has very sharp fangs. Small Assertive 10 9 8 Second 425
13 Scarper Playing The Fool Looks like he's deep in thought, but he really isn't thinking anything. A really cheerful guy... Medium Passive 12 12 10 Second 620
14 Victoria Newly-Wed Warrior Newly-wed, she became a Bodyguard to escape the dull life of a housewife. A real thrill-seeker... Medium Aggressive 12 12 10 Second 640
15 Johnny Ruthless Operator He's got a cold heart and a mind as sharp as a razor. He'll do anything for rupees... Medium Assertive 12 12 10 Second 660
16 Ernesto Marching Warrior Likes to use his enemies' heads for drumming practice. Gets a good sound out of them... Large Passive 14 13 13 Second 1180
17 Cargo Battling Batsman This one is none too bright, but he really knows how to swing that bat... Large Aggressive 14 13 13 Second 1300
18 Steroido Exceedingly Vain A man who is in love with himself. Good in a battle, unless he spots his own reflection... Large Assertive 14 13 13 Second 1500
19 Domingo Daydreamer An instructor at the Snotty School of Martial Arts. Has a worrying tendency to daydream during battles... Small Passive 16 15 13 Third 1920
20 Dante Kid Leader Youthful leader of a secret society made up of nursery school students. He's an aggressive little fellow... Small Aggressive 16 15 13 Third 2000
21 Gixx Jaws Like A Vice The smartest of the three dog Bodyguards, he has taught himself to speak at night school... Small Assertive 16 15 13 Third 2200
22 Tumble Having A Laugh Everything he does goes wrong, which in a sense makes him a genius among his fellow clowns... Medium Passive 17 17 15 Third 3420
23 Reddy-Steddy Start The Battle Diet! An ex-model keen to keep herself in shape, she developed the populair "Battle Diet". Medium Aggressive 17 17 15 Third 3600
24 Smith Business Leader An elite Bodyguard who can be relied on to solve any problem...with his sword Medium Assertive 17 17 15 Third 3700
25 Roland Drum Machine Years of fierce drumming have made him second to none in punching power. Large Passive 19 19 18 Third 6400
26 Arizona Legendary Big Hitter Whether the enemy is big or small he'll deal with them just the same. He'll hit them for a homerun... Large Aggressive 19 19 18 Third 6800
27 Mr. Energy Full Of Energy A man who has worked out so much that his brain has been mostly replaced by muscle... Large Assertive 19 19 18 Third 7000

The Drifter Bodyguards[edit]

No. Name Title Description Type Behaviour Health Strength Defence Requirement Cost
28 Teddy Todo Mysterious Green Giant Large green treasure hunter. Seems kind, but there is something suspicious about him... Large Aggressive 8 6 3 Hire him in Hero's Shrine. 20
28 Teddy Todo Hip Drop-tastic! Following in the footstep of Ronny, he went solo and is now finally as powerful as he always dreamed... Large Aggressive 20 20 19 Finish the Insect Cavern. 9,500 (5,000 1st time)
29 Yamori Hidden Blade Quite literally, a cut above the rest. This Drifter Bodyguard doesn't suffer fools gladly... ? Assertive 19 20 20 Find him five times on any island. He'll let you hire him after finding him five times. 9,000
30 Ronny Power Of Meditation An old friend of Yamori, this Drifter Bodyguard is the best of the best... ? Assertive 20 20 20 When the small boat at the docks on Gooey Swamp is available, use it to leave the map and find Ronny. Give him a lot of Rupees (he'll return them). 9,200

The Quest Bodyguards[edit]

Name Behaviour Health When You Get Them
Junglo Passive 1 At the Deku Swamp after being asked to escort him back to his home, as he is afraid of insects (Some jungle hero!)
Guard Aggressive 20 When he finds out that a ghost in the Icy Plain is possessing his wife.