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This is you – a 35-year-old single man who wears a green Elf-like costume similar to that of Link in The Legend of Zelda series. You carry a backpack that holds a balloon, which can transport you from one place to the next. You like women and money and make money through battles and cartography with hopes of reaching the famed paradise known as Rupeeland where nobody has to work.

Uncle Rupee[edit]

The mysterious voice that you hear at the beginning of the game actually belongs to Uncle Rupee. His face is shaped like a rupee and as you progress in the game and feed the tower with rupees, his appearance will change along with it. It is obvious that his appearance becomes more lavish and he gets richer the more rupees you throw in. Hmm… And oh, he is also the one who names you Tingle, no matter which name you decide to use at the beginning of the game.


Pinkle is your sexy guide dressed in pink and who helps you as you progress in your game. She offers you advice every time you reach a new location and even warns you whenever the tower is starting to feel neglected. A loyal companion, you can contact her from home, as well, either to "Talk", "Save" or see the "Tower".


Aba is your young female battle trainer. You first encounter her at Hometown Prairie, though she will appear numerous times after that to give you more battle tips. You later find out that she is the "daughter" of Junglo and even later, you find out that Junglo isn't actually her real father. She was merely found by Junglo in the arms of a woman in the forest. Who is her real father, then?

Old Map Seller[edit]

This old lady tries to make maps for a living after her husband died, but isn't very good at it (whether it's because of her old age or her lack of drawing skills is up to you to decide). She lives in Port Town and will keep giving you rupees every time you find a landmark on a map and she will also buy any completed maps that you have to offer, only to re-sell them to you. However, it still proves to be a good way to make some money.

The Guard[edit]

The Guard of Port Town won't let you into town without getting paid first (surprise, surprise!). He loves his wife, who is ill, more than anything and whom you can help out several times throughout your journey. The Guard will also sell you useful empty jars every now and then and later turns out to be an amazing bodyguard.

The Chef[edit]

He owns the restaurant in Port Town and lives with his wife, who clearly wears the pants in their relationship. He offers you various recipes throughout the game.

The Armorer[edit]

He seems to only own the armory in Port Town, but there is actually more to him than meets the eye.


Chiko is a strange-looking young girl who lives in Port Town with her mother. She proves to be a big help near the beginning of the game after you return her Fairy Doll to her.

Chiko's Mom[edit]

Even stranger looking than Chiko, she lives in Port Town and will buy miscellaneous items from you, as well as sell you perfume recipes.

Teddy Todo[edit]

Teddy Todo is a huge, green, fat creature that carries a club and shield. He also happens to be the first character you encounter who will offer his services to you as a bodyguard in the Hero's Shrine. By enlisting his services, you will have much-needed help within this dungeon.


Duke is the First Continent's bridge builder whom you have to pay to fix bridges in order to travel from one island to the next. He builds bridges for a living, with hopes of making his father proud. Every time he does so, he does a strange (not to mention slightly disturbing) yet unnervingly mesmerizing victory dance.


At first, Dave seems like a strange little mixture of a boy and a pig when you meet him at Port Town since he is quite plump and has a pig's snout for a nose. You later find out, however, that his pig's snout is actually just an Oinker snout. He is very protective of his older brother and quite fond of his father, the Chef.

Big Bro[edit]

This is Dave's big brother. He's an odd one. You often see him, on various islands, sneaking around. If you talk to him, you will only receive an Empty Jar with a strange note inside every time you catch him. The person(s) who wrote the letters inside of the jars are never mentioned.

The Jeweler[edit]

He doesn't say much, but it is clear that he loves his family very much. He gets exceedingly worried when his daughter goes missing and will reward you handsomely if you bring her back home. Other than that, he will buy anything from you that's shiny and sparkles, really.


Missy is the Jeweler's daughter. An intelligent girl (as her glasses characterize), she plays an essential role in your journey. She teaches you how to make Tingly to heal the Guard's wife and your bodyguards. Later on she will teach you how to make better versions of Tingly. Note: Tingly obviously doesn't work on Tingle, because his life bar is based on the amount of Rupees he has.

The Journalist[edit]

One of those strange writers who narrates everything he says, the Journalist has an addiction to all kinds of juices and will lie around on random islands craving them. It would be your job to help him out by making these juices. Unfortunately, he doesn't do much when it comes to helping you out, but he does buy various juices from you whenever he's in Port Town.


Bella owns the cafe in Port Town and adores perfume. She will teach you how to make the juices that the Journalist loves.

First Mate[edit]

The skeleton pirate who is in charge whenever the captain isn't around, which is... well, most of the time, if not all of the time after you get past the Cape Treasure stage. Like all the other skeleton pirates, he fears dogs more than anything, but he is definitely braver than the rest of them.