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An overview of the items that can be collected in Freshly-Picked Tingle's Rosy Rupeeland. They are divided in "Tools" and "Items", both in the game and in the tables below.

Items belonging in the latter category can be obtained in a number of ways. Most commonly, you have to get them from enemies by killing them. Each enemy type holds its own items. In almost every case, they can drop two different items: a common one and a rare one. The chances for getting the rare one can be improved by fighting more enemies (they may be from differetn enemy types) at the same time. Other ways to get items are by picking them. Almost all fruits and flowers have to be picked. In time, they'll grow back, so memorize where the plants holding them are located. Some items have to be dug up. You'll need the shovel for that. Finally, some items can only be obtained by jumping in water. Note that you never know what you'll get or if you get anything at all and that you lose a number of rupees by jumping in the water.

For the cooking recipes, see Recipes. For the Rupee goods, see Rupee Goods.


Item Category Description Obtained Interested Value
Auros Nampla Local Speciality A local speciality of Auros Ruins, this is a soy sauce made from fish Cooking Merchant 11,000
Blue Butterfly Butterfly A lovely butterfly with bright blue wings. Steamy Marsh; near the Shower Flower on coordinate C1 N/A N/A
Bone Ocarina Tools The pirates' ocarina. Play it at piers to call the pirate ship. Cape Treasure; defeat the dungeon's boss N/A N/A
Bone Ocarina Tools The powered-up ocarina. Allows you to discover the pirate's treasure. Gooey Swamp; help the pirates get rid of the bugs infesting their ship N/A N/A
Deku Dip Local Speciality A local speciality of Deku Forest. Goes well with food made using meat stock. Cooking Merchant 480
Desma Syrup Local Speciality A local speciality of Mount Desma, its rich sweetness makes it slightly addictive... Cooking Merchant 4,300
Dirty Water Water This water doesn't look too clean... Deku Temple B6 N/A N/A
Emperor Juice Juice The taste of this fine juice is almost too good to be true. Cooking Journalist 3,500
Empty Jar Empty Jar An empty glass jar. It's up to you what you fill it with. See Empty Jars N/A N/A
Endless Love Perfume A captivatingly sweet, powerful fragrance. Makes you feel tingly... Cooking Bella 730
Fairy Vinegar Local Speciality A local speciality of the Fairy Garden, it has a full flavour with a hint of sweetness. Cooking Merchant 5,600
Gooey Tartare Local Speciality A local speciality of Gooey Swamp, it is made with lots of egg yolk. Cooking Merchant 2,100
Hand Potion Secret Potion A pirate potion. Use on Hand Statues to be whisked outside in a flash. Cooking Armourer 50
Icy Bouillon Local Speciality A local speciality of the Icy Plain, it's tasty but can make the tongue go numb. Cooking Merchant 3,000
Life Dew Water Water that plants would surely appreciate. Deku Temple B6 Guard 80
Lon Lon Ketchup Local Speciality A local speciality of Lon Lon Meadow, its delicious thickness makes you want more. Cooking Merchant 360
Meat Soup Soup Recommended higly by the Chef, Tingle can make the same soup. Cooking Chef 790
Mega-Tingly Power-Up Potion The ultimate power-up potion. Save this for when you really need it. Cooking Guard 1,400
Nitro Bomb Bomb The Pirate Engineer's bomb demonstrates the awesome power of science. Cooking Amourer 1,600
Ocean Soup Soup With ingredients from the sea, it's no surprise that this basically smells like seawater. Cooking Chef 1,100
One Love Perfume The sweet fragrance of this perfume makes it impossible to resist... Cooking Bella 110
Queen Juice Juice A fresh fruity fragrance and elegant taste make this fit for a queen. Cooking Journalist 1,300
Red Butterfly Butterfly A lovely butterfly with bright red wings Gooey Swamp; near the Bell Bell Flower N/A N/A
Scrap Broth Soup Oh dear. Things went a little wrong in the kitchen... Cooking Chef 3
Seafood Soup Soup One of the top items on the Chef's menu. Tngle can also make the same soup. Cooking Chef 170
Shovel Tools A vital tool. Try digging on sand or soil which has a different colour... Lon Lon Meadow; buy from Duke for 750 rupees. N/A N/A
Simple Juice Juice It may be very simple, but it tastes very good. Cooking Journalist 84
Sleep Spray Sleeping Gas Mysterious perfume that makes you feel very...sleepy...ZZZZ. Cooking Armourer 140
Steamy Oil Local Speciality A local speciality of Steamy Marsh, it is ideal with meat and fish. Cooking Merchant 980
Sunshine Paste Local Speciality A local speciality of Sunshine Seashore, the delicious soup has a rich flavour. Cooking Merchant 300
Super Soup Soup Tingle is the only person on the planet who knows how to make this soup. Cooking Chef 2,400
Super Stew Stew Eating this will prepare you for any adventure. Full of goodness. Cooking Chef 8,300
Sweet Juice Juice Extremely sweet. Acid flavours help to draw out the sweetness... Cooking Journalist 260
Tasty Stew Stew Its nutritional balance makes it perfect for fuelling all kinds of adventures. Cooking Chef 1,300
Tingle Bomb Bomb This portable bomb lets you blow things up anytime, anywhere... Cooking Armourer 210
Tingle Fireworks Firework Produces showers of beautiful sparks. Hopefully... Cooking Armourer 36
Tinglene Power-Up Potion Power-up potion made from ingredients overflowing with goodness. Cooking Guard 530
Tingly Power-Up Potion Power-up potion. But you wouldn't want to drink it yourself... Cooking Guard 42
Treasure Puree Local Speciality A local speciality of Cape Treasure, this has a refreshing aftertaste. Cooking Merchant 310
Ultra Sleep Spray Sleeping Gas No need for lullabies with this extremely potent sleeping gas. Cooking Armourer 1,00
Water Water You can use an empty jar to store water. But how can you use it? Water sources throughout the game N/A N/A
Yellow Butterfly Butterfly A lovely butterfly with bright yellow wings Gooey Swamp; near the Frill Flower N/A N/A


Item Category Description Obtained Interested Value
10-Man Slicer Misc. This finely-crafted sword is clearly superior to other Oinker weaponry. Auros Ruins; dropped by Oinker Knights Armourer 8,000
2-Star Sticker Misc. A prize sticker card with two stars on it. Found with a random Empty Jar. Dr. Bean N/A
3-Star Sticker Misc. A prize sticker with three stars on it. Found with a random Empty Jar. Dr. Bean N/A
999-Man Slicer Misc. Unbelievably sharp. Imagine how many enemies have been on the wrong end of it... Auros Ruins; Dropped by the giant red and blue Oinkers Armourer 15,000
Aero Wing Misc. Has the inscription: "Moneybags AW-01." Looks like a part of something Icy Plain; coordinate C2 Old Gent 5,000
Amethyst Misc. Glows with a wonderful purple colour that makes you feel like you're dreaming. Cape Treasure, Lon Lon Meadow; blue crabs / Deku Forest; digging near Deku Orb / Fairy garden; digging in coordinate A4 Jeweller 150
Ancient Coin Misc. Hidden beneath the waves, it recalls the romance of times past. Sunshine Seashore; digging in coordinate A2 / Cape Treasure; jumping into the ocean / Mt. Desma; Spirited Statue / Fairy Garden; digging in coordinate A3 Chiko's Mum 50
Aroma Toadstool Ingredients The cap of this mushroom gives off a delightful aroma. Lon Lon Meadow; Brown toadstools / Mt. Desma; colorful toadstools. Chiko's Mum 4
Baby Coral Misc. Small, cute new-born coral. The surface is still smooth to the touch. Sunshine Seashore; jumping into the ocean / Cape Treasure; Great Reef / Mount Desma; Saluting Statue / Second Continent; jumping into the ocean Chiko's Mum 70
Baby Shark Ingredients This baby shark is known for its rich oil. Steamy Marsh; snorkeling pigs / Mount Desma; Cheeful Statue Chef 10
Bamboozle Grass Ingredients Its strange scent will make you dizzy if you sniff it too long. Cape Treasure,; growing on vines on coordinate B1 / Lon Lon Meadow; growing on vines / Gooey Swamp; growing on vines / Mount Desma; Dumbstruck Statue, growing on vines on coordinate A3 / Fairy Garden; Mr. Cactus Chiko's Mum 4
Bitter Newt Ingredients The surface of this newt's body is peculiarly bitter. Gooey Swamp; catfish Chef 10
Black Ball Misc. Extremely rare pearl. Plain at first glance, it is prized for its subtle beauty. Auros Ruins; jumping into the ocean Jeweller 2,000
Blazing Cube Misc. Red cube. Will make you hot and bothered. Fairy Garden; growing on coordinate D2 Red Spring 5,000
Blazing Herb Misc. Red leaf. Looks as if it is on fire. Fairy Garden; purple crab Red Spring 5,000
Blazing Orb Misc. Red ball. Slightly warm to the touch. Fairy Garden; digging in coordinate D1 Red Spring 5,000
Bomb Fruit Ingredients Just as dangerous as it looks. No naked flames! Steamy Marsh; squirrels. Armourer 8
Bone Ingredients Sparks and crackles when burnt. What animal does this belong to?! Hometown Prairie, Sunshine Seashore; green rats / Mount Desma; Smug Statue / Fairy Garden; Dried-Up Waterwheel Chiko's Mum 3
Bum Peach Ingredients Firm texture and funny shape make this a winner. Mount Desma; growing on vines Bella 18
Cloud Lamp Misc. Has the inscription: "Moneybags CL-05." Looks like a part of something... Steamy Marsh; coordinate C1 Old Gent 5,000
Crisp Tomato Ingredients Crisp, sharp and delicious tomato with a natural sweetness. Cape Treasure, Lon Lon Meadow; growing on vines / Mount Desma; purchase from Yamatori Market Bella 4
Chrysalis Misc. This Mini Death Bug chrysalis is shrivelled up, but gives off a heady smell like medicine. Insect Cavern; B2 N/A N/A
Dagger Misc. The blade's deadly glint shows that this is the real thing. Handle with care! Cape Treasure; coordinate A1, behind the western gate. Unlock by checking the pirate insignia behind the eastern gate. Armourer 400
Dazzling Brooch Misc. Bright red fruit-shaped brooch Deku Forest; Oinker treasure Bella 4,000
Destructor Axe Misc. Very big and heavy, just holding this axe tells you it's an awesome weapon. Icy Plain; blue chest on coordinate A1 Armourer Haggle, 3,500
Devil Shell Ingredients Called "the devil of the sea", this shell has a terrifying face. Icy Plain; jumping into the ocean from the bridge to Gooey Swamp / Icy Plain (C1); Troubled Statue (1 time) Chef 13
Downy Feathers Misc. Fine, downy feathers that feel warm to the touch. Icy Plain; dropped by penguins, digging around the Giant Crystal on coordinate B3 Chiko's Mum 980
Electric Eel Ingredients This eel's body glows gently. Looks like it would be delicious stewed. Auros Ruins; giant turtle Chef 26
Emerald Misc. Glows with a gentle green light that recalls the beauty of nature and Mother Earth. Gooey Swamp; growing on vines behind B3 Mushroom Ring / Mount Desma; Mambo Statue, blue chest on coordinate A3, digging on coordinate A2 / Fairy Garden; digging on coordinate C2 Jeweller 950
Explosive Claws Ingredients When exposed to fire, these claws explode. Handle with care! Deku Forest; turkeys, digging in patch in front of Deku Temple / Steamy Marsh; ducks / Gooey Swamp; scorpions, catfish / Mount Desma; Peahats / Fairy Garden; Blue Chicken, Green Chicken, Red Chicken Chiko's Mum 8
Fairy Doll Misc. This doll has seen better days, but the wear and tear shows that somebody loves it. Hometown Prairie; Fish Rock Chiko 60
Forest Vitamin Misc. Looks like blood vessels are running through it. Unappetising, but full of goodness. Deku Forest; feed Scrap Broth to Vitamin Plants and return after a while. Junglo 2,000
Fresh Water Cube Misc. Blue cube. Covered in drops of water. Fairy Garden; Garden Face Blue Spring 5,000
Fresh Water Herb Misc. Blue Leaf. Damp to the touch. Fairy Garden; coordinate A4 Blue Spring 5,000
Fresh Water Orb Misc. Blue ball. Cold to the touch. Fairy Garden; digging on coordinate C2 Blue Spring 5,000
Frizzy Carrot Ingredients Legend has it, extract of this carrot was once used in spells and potions... Cape Treasure; pink rabbits / Deku Forest; sheep / Icy Plains; snow rabbits / Mount Desma; Happy Statue Bella 4
Gelatine Ingredients A light, trembling substance. In the past, it was used to measure earthquakes! Deku Forest; Green ChuChus, digging in coordinate B3 / Icy Plain; Blue ChuChus / Mount Desma; Red ChuChus / Fairy Garden; lizards Chef 8
Giant Fur Misc. Very large high-quality fur, it is very smooth to the touch... Cape Treasure; blue chest, coordinate A2 / Icy Plain; polar bears / Mount Desma; bears Chiko's Mum 1,600
Girl's Glasses Misc. These look like the glasses a clever young woman might wear. But whose are they? Lon Lon Meadow; near the X the man near the landing spot drew for you. N/A N/A
Glaring Eyeball Misc. Whichever way you point this eyeball, it will turn to glare at you. Very unnerving. Fairy Garden; digging on coordinate A2 Chiko's Mum 2,000
Glossy Fur Misc. Fur from a monster with very fine, soft hair. You could stroke it forever... Fairy Garden; camels Chiko's Mum 2,100
Glowing Spore Misc. Spore from a mysterious toadstool that glows with an eerie light. Deku Forest; digging in the intersection leading to Cherry Tree landmark's clearing, dropped by poisonous mushrooms / Mount Desma; Leg-Lifting Statue Chiko's Mum 240
Golden Button Misc. Bright, shiny gold button. Lon Lon Meadow; Oinker treasure Guard 3,000
Gold Gem Misc. This golden gem glows with a showy, flashy light. It looks slightly tacky... Steamy Marsh; give the 2-Star Sticker to Dr. Bean / Gooey Swamp; frill flower / Mount Desma; digging on coordinate A1 Jeweller 1,400
Gold Lamé Socks Misc. These are the brightest, flashiest socks you will ever see Icy Plain; Oinker Camp Chiko's Mum 8,000
Ground Shell Ingredients Finely ground shell, long-prized for its use in traditional medicine. First Continent; blue crabs, purple shrimp / Mt. Desma; brown shrimp Chiko's Mum 4
Grown-Up Coral Misc. Large coral which has grown over the course of many years. Rough yet still beautiful. Steamy Marsh; give Dr. Bean the Star Sticker / Gooey Swamp; digging in coordinate D2 Chiko's Mum 3,000
Hand-Sewn Robe Misc. Looks like a normal robe but is actually delicately woven with intricate embroidery. Icy Plain; dropped by Oinker Wizards Chiko's Mum Haggle; 3,000
Heart Meat Ingredients High quality meat with a romantic heart-shape. Lon Lon Meadow; alien cows / Steamy Marsh; monkeys / Fairy Garden; camels. Chef 4
High-Class Rice Ingredients With its brightly sparkling coat and refined aura, this is top class rice. Fairy Garden; digging in the rice patch on coordinates C1 and D4 Chef 20
Hood Misc. The worn-out rag has been miraculously made into a hood on the sewing machine. Port Town; received after having Chiko's Mum repair the Worn-Out Rag N/A N/A
Hydro Crank Misc. Has the inscription: "Moneybags HC-03." Looks like a part of something... Icy Plains; coordinate B2 Old Gent 5,000
Iron Cube Misc. Black cube. Made of an extremely hard substance. Fairy Garden; coordinate B3 Black Spring 5,000
Iron Herb Misc. Black leaf. Gives off the faint odour of iron. Fairy Garden; Oinker Black Spring 5,000
Iron Orb Misc. Black ball. Very heavy. Fairy Garden; digging on coordinate B4 Black Spring 5,000
Jellyfish Powder Misc. A dry, white powder made from ground jellyfish. Pirate’s Hideout; receive it from the glasses-wearing pirate. Sick Pirate Pirate Item
Large Shell Ingredients Large, sturdy shell. Might be used in dubious potions and spells... Cape Treasure; purple turtles / Gooey Swamp; green turtles / Mount Desma; Let's-Go Statue Chiko's Mum 4
Long Beard Misc. This is a very long beard. You don't often see beards like this. Fairy Garden; apes Chiko’s Mum 2,200
Love Carp Ingredients An attractive fish releasing potent pheromones all year round. Lon Lon Meadow; beavers / Deku Forest; turkeys / Gooey Swamp; brown or purple alligators / Mt. Desma; Roaring Statue, purchase from Yamatori Market Chef 4
Low-Budget Mace Misc. Considering how easy it is to make, this is quite a powerful mace. Deku Forest; digging in the Oinker camp Armourer Haggle; 480
Lyphos Sword Misc. At first glance it looks impressive, but this is a shoddy, broken sword. Auros Ruins; coordinate A2 Armourer Haggle
Magical Hat Misc. This hat has magical powers, with hundreds of spells sewn into its lining. Auros Ruins; red and blue Oinker Wizards Chiko's Mum 9,800
Make-Up Mirror Misc. This compact make-up mirror is useful for reflecting light. Auros Ruins; Oinker treasure in third camp. Great Fairy 50,000
Marbled Meat Ingredients Tender meat with fine veins of fat. The king of meats. Mount Desma; fire pigs. Chef 18
Marine Gem Misc. Glints with the colour of the sea. Its natural, understated beauty shines through. Sunshine Seashore; red crabs / Steamy Marsh; shower flower / Mount Desma; Embarrassed Statue, digging on coordinate A3 Jeweller 80
Minced Meat Ingredients Slightly oily meat which becomes loose and crumbly when fried. Hometown Prairie, Cape Treasure; purple pigs / Sunshine Seashore; flying pigs, red crabs / Gooey Swamp; hornets / Mount Desma; Opps-A-Daisy Statue, purchase from Yamatori market / Fairy Garden; pillbugs Chef 3
Mini Apple Ingredients Tastes bad eaten raw, but great for cooking. Steamy Marsh; growing on vines Bella 9
Mini Orange Ingredients A veiny citrus fruit, this produces exceptionally delicious sweet juice. Cape Treasure, Lon Lon Meadow; growing on vines Bella 4
Misty Toadstool Ingredients Squeeze this mushroom firmly and it releases a cloud of spores. Deku Forest; poisonous mushrooms. Chiko's Mum 7
Moss Ingredients Grows besides Tingle's house. It's small, but it grows very rapidly. Hometown Prairie; growing in front of Tingle's house. Chiko's Mum 5
Multi-Bomb Fruit Ingredients One glance tells you all you need to know about this fruit. Extremely hazardous. Mount Desma; growing on vines Armourer 15
Nidorian Ingredients Despite its spiny skin, this tropical fruit melts in the mouth. Mount Desma; growing on vines on coordinate B2 King / Bella Haggle; 170 / 20
Number Plate Misc. Has the inscription: "Moneybags LP-04." Looks like a part of something... Gooey Swamp; jumping into pond on coordinate A2 Old Gent 5,000
Ochre Cube Misc. Yellow cube. Coverd in mud. Fairy Garden; in treasure chest buried under cracked rock on coordinate B1 Yellow Spring 5,000
Ochre Herb Misc. Yellow leaf. Looks just like a dead, withered leaf. Fairy Garden; Lanmola Yellow Spring 5,000
Ochre Orb Misc. Yellow ball. Has bits of soil stuck to it. Fairy Garden; digging on coordinate A1 Yellow Spring 5,000
Oinker Snout Misc. Replica snout which looks just like the real thing. Hometown Prairie; give Dave a Sweet Potato N/A N/A
Oinker Tiara Misc. Oinker brides traditionally wear this at their weddings. Oinkers in Auros Ruins' Bodyguard Salon 30,000
Paralysis Claw Ingredients The tip of this claw makes living creatures lose consciousness. Icy Plain: polar bear Chiko's Mum 16
Paralysis Lily Ingredients The pollen of this strange lily causes loss of consciousness. Deku Forest, Gooey Swamp; growing on vines Chiko's Mum 4
Pink Quartz Misc. It is the colour of cute pigs. In fact, pigs often carry this gem. Steamy Marsh; blue pigs / Fairy Garden; digging on coordinates D1, D2, D3 / Auros Ruins; jumping into the ocean Jeweller 350
Poker Lance Misc. This steel lance looks like it could do some damage... Icy Plain; dropped by Oinkers / Auros Ruins; treasure chest in a secret grotto on coordinate A2 Armourer Haggle; 3,500
Pong Flower Ingredients Found inhabiting only the very coldest areas. Has a pungent odour. Icy Plains; growing throughout the plain Chiko's Mum 10
Power Garlic Ingredients Richly-flavoured garlic, this goes well with fish in cooking. Lon Lon Meadow; moles Bella 4
Pretty Flower Ingredients A beautiful little flower that grows in arid areas. Fairy Garden; Dried-Up Waterwheel, growing throughout the desert Chiko's Mum 21
Psychic Nitro Misc. This looks like an important chemical. The Engineer would be very interested in this... Pirate Ship; Ship's Interior 1 Pirate Engineer N/A
Rainbow Shell Misc. The surface of this exquisite shell dazzles with all the colours of the rainbow. Lon Lon Meadow; coordinate C2 blue chest / Icy Plain; jumping into the ocean from the bridge to Gooey Swamp Chiko's Mum 2,200
Red Bandana Misc. A pirate bandana. Just wearing it gives you guts and determination. Pirate’s Hideout; Pirate Item received by giving the sick pirate Jellyfish Powder First Mate Pirate N/A
Rib Steak Ingredients Its rich taste makes it ideal for creamy dishes. Steamy Marsh; monkeys. Chef 10
Royal Candy Misc. High-class sweet which can only be bought from exclusive shops with very long queues. Lon Lon Meadow; coordinate B2 Old Gent 2,300
Ruby Misc. A bright red gemstone that glows like fire. This ruby is full of passion. Steamy Marsh; give the 2-Star Sticker to Dr. Bean, Bodyguard Salon blue chest / Gooey Swamp; Bell Bell Flower / Desma's Labyrinth; behind a cracked wall in Overground Level 2 / Fairy Garden; blue chest on coordinate D2 / Auros Ruins; digging on coordinate A1 Jeweller 2,800
Rupee Key Misc. A rupee-shaped key received from the Grand Fairy. Fairy Garden; receive from the Grand Fairy after unlocking Auros Ruins N/A N/A
Salty Octopus Ingredients A salty fragrance and rich taste mean this is prized in cooking. Gooey Swamp; Muddy Fish Head, brown or purple alligators. Chef 10
Sapphire Misc. This glowing gem is the colour of the limitless sky. It is a colour that calms the heart. Icy Plain; digging on coordinate A3 / Mount Desma; Rumba Statue / Fairy Garden; digging on coordinate C4 Jeweller 550
Sharp Shell Misc. Attractive pure white seashell with a distinctive sharp, spiky surface. Mount Desma; Come-Here Statue Chiko's Mum 80
Shoddy Knife Misc. Cheap Oinker knife with a badly rusted blade. Lon Lon Meadow; dropped by Oinkers, digging in the Oinker camp Armourer Haggle; 210
Shoddy Lance Misc. This ance has a blade attached. Actually, it's just a sharpened stone... Lon Lon Meadow; dropped by Oinkers Armourer Haggle; 230
Shoddy Shield Misc. The Oinker insignia is displayed proudly on this shield. But it's very flimsy... Deku Forest; dropped by Oinkers Armourer Haggle; 210
Short Fur Misc. A lump of fur taken from a monster with short hair. Sunshine Seashore; flying pigs Chiko's Mum 35
Shoulder Spikes Misc. Made from monster skin, Oinkers wear this spiky armour on their shoulders. Icy Plain; dropped by Oinkers / Auros Ruins; treasure chest in a secret grotto on coordinate A2 Armourer Haggle; 2,900
Skull Ingredients Boiling it produces rich broth, but what animal did this come from?! Gooey Swamp; brown alligators, purple alligators / Mount Desma; Kicking Statue / Fairy Garden; Dried-Up Waterwheel Chiko's Mum 12
Small Crystal Misc. This delicate, clear crystal may be beautiful but beware: it's got sharp edges. Sunshine Seashore; blue chest, coordinate A2 / Mount Desma; Uneasy Statue / Fairy Garden; digging on coordinate A1 Jeweller 1,300
Snatched Pearl Misc. A dazzlingly bright white pearl. Sunshine Seashore; steal from oysters. Jeweller 100
Snow Crystal Misc. The very finest gem, this glamorous crystal exudes an icy beauty Icy Plain; digging beyond the blizzard in coordinate B1 Jeweller 9,500
Snow Dust Misc. Very common in snowy areas, these tiny snowflakes are very romantic. Icy Plain; Giant Crystal, digging beyond blizzard on coordinate B1 Jeweller 130
Snow Eyes Misc. Freezing cold eyeballs give an icy stare. Icy Plain; coordinate B2 Snow Father N/A
Snow Hat Misc. Icy cold hat. Not the kind of hat you would want to wear. Icy Plain; coordinate B2 Snow Father Rupee Good (after all the items)
Snow Moustache Misc. Icy cold moustache. It is frozen solid. Icy Plain; coordinate B1 Snow Father N/A
Snow Scarf Misc. Icy cold scarf. Wear it and you're guaranteed to catch a cold. Icy Plain; coordinate B1 Snow Father N/A
Soft Egg Ingredients This soft and squidgy egg was buried underground. Whose egg could it be? Gooey Swamp; digging near Insect Cavern exits, digging in front of sour grape bush on coordinate A1 Chef 9
Sour Grapes Ingredients Has a refined taste long loved by the wealthy. Gooey Swamp; growing throughout swamp Bella 11
Sour Watermelon Ingredients Sharp acidity and mild sweetness combine perfectly in this tasty fruit. Deku Forest; growing throughout forest Bella 4
Spicy Prawn Ingredients This prawn has a unique and delightful spiciness Mount Desma; Laid-Back Statue, found by jumping into the ocean / Auros Ruins; giant shrimp Chef 26
Spore Powder Misc. Incredibly fine dry spore powder. Lon Lon Meadow; brown toadstools / Mount Desma; Give-Up Statue, colorful toadstools Chiko's Mum 160
Spring Leaf Cube Misc. Green cube. Has a refreshing, natural colour. Fairy Garden; digging in coordinate D3 Green Spring 5,000
Spring Leaf Herb Misc. Green leaf. Gives off a natural energy. Fairy Garden; digging in coordinate A1 Green Spring 5,000
Spring Leaf Orb Misc. Green ball. Gives off the scent of freshly-cut grass. Fairy Garden; digging on coordinate A4 Green Spring 5,000
Standing Fur Misc. Unusually, this fur is standing on end and is very hard. Mt. Desma; Try-Hard Statue, digging on coordinate A4 Chiko's Mum 680
Star Badge Misc. Badge of a character who is very popular with children. Not sure what his name is... Cape Treasure; coordinate B2 Old Gent 2,500
Star Sticker Misc. A prize sticker card with one star on it. Found with random Empty Jar Dr. Bean N/A
Stiff Beard Misc. A very hard, jagged beard which has grown into a twisted shape. Icy Plain; snow rabbits / Mount Desma; Beckoning Statue Chiko's Mum 800
Stripy Banana Ingredients Has a bright, stripy exterior. Too sour to be eaten raw. Fairy Garden; gorillas Bella 23
Stripy Shirt Misc. You'll look just like a pirate in this attractive red and white striped shirt! Pirate’s Hideout; Pirate Item received from saving the cook’s assistant from Barkle First Mate Pirate N/A
Super Chip Misc. Made of an amazing material you have never seen before. Third Continent; digging anywhere, jumping into the ocean Wife of Jeweller Rondom
Super Sweetcorn Ingredients Grows in mountainous areas where the air is thin, this is VERY sweet. Mount Desma; growing on vines on coordinate B2 Bella 18
Sweet Potato Ingredients A delicious potato that grows hidden underground Lon Lon Meadow; digging. Bella 4
Tasty Squid Ingredients Much loved by chefs, this squid produces delicious stock. Lon Lon Meadow; beavers Chef 4
Telescope Misc. Faraway objects appear much closer with this spyglass. One of the Pirate Items. Pirate’s Hideout; Pirate Item for sorting juice barrels First Mate Pirate N/A
Thick Meat Ingredients Hearty, chunky meat. Smells great when it's sizzling. Steamy Marsh; ducks. Chef 10
Thin Beard Misc. A small, thin, thread-like beard. Sunshine Seashore, Cape Treasure; purple shrimp / Mt. Desma; Bearded Statue / Fairy Garden; digging on coordinate C3 Chiko's Mum 40
Topaz Misc. Glows like a beautiful sunset and reminds you of your old hometown... Steamy Marsh; give the 2-Star Sticker to Dr. Bean / Auros Ruins; blue chest on coordinate A1, digging on coordinate A2 Jeweller 3,800
Tough Meat Ingredients This is a man's meat: tough, sinewy and with a powerful smell. Icy Plain; penguins. Chef 14
Tough Shield Misc. This shield has been well-coated in oil and is very strong. Auros Ruins; treasure chest in a secret grotto on coordinate A2 Armourer 500
Trading Card Misc. Has a picture of a monster you have never seen before. Its Power Level is 5000... Sunshine Seashore; coordinate B2 Old Gent 2,200
Triangle Chip Misc. Made of a material you have never seen before. Second Continent, Third Continent; digging, jumping into the ocean Wife of Jeweller Rondom
Twisted Tusk Ingredients Its twisted shape makes you dizzy just looking at it... Deku Forest; sheep, digging around Cherry Tree Family Chiko's Mum 6
Vacuum Funnel Misc. Has the inscription: "VF-02." Looks like a part of something... Icy Plain; coordinate B3 Old Gent 5,000
Wakame Seaweed Ingredients Grows under water. Can be used to make tasty soup stock. (1 time)|Chef 3
White Snout Misc. Ghostly white Oinker nose. This can be used to open the ancient Oinker Gate... Auros Ruins; given to you be the Salona in the leftmost house if you agree to help the Oinker couple N/A N/A
Wind-Cutter Wings Misc. Insect wings that are so thin they are see-through, but are very sturdy. Gooey Swamp; hornets, digging on coordinate A1 / Mount Desma ;

Greeting Statue (1 time)|Chiko's Mum||330

Worn-Out Rag Misc. Old, torn piece of green cloth. Gooey Swamp; found behind a mushroom on coordinate A3 N/A N/A