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Port Town Fountain[edit]

The Fountain in the first screen of Port Town will not flow at first, but throw 20,000 rupees in and a fairy will appear. Chico will see it and the next time you see her mom she will offer you a reward of up to 32,000 rupees and give you the Fairy Doll rupee good.

Aba's Storyline[edit]

After meeting Junglo and escorting him back home, you can find Aba under the tree at A3. After speaking with her, she will leave. You can find her again at Junglo's house, and he'll tell Aba about Tingle.

After completing the Deku Temple, you can head back to Port Town and find Aba talking with the Blacksmith, then leave. Return to Junglo's house and hear the REAL story about Aba, which she overhears and leaves in a fit. Collect her dagger slightly up and to the left of the Macho Photo-Op and deliver it to the Blacksmith, which will cause him to leave his stand for Deku Forest.

You'll then find Aba under the tree at A3, and the Blacksmith will appear and they both will have a tender moment. Afterwards, ask Junglo for 7,800 rupees. You can then return to port town as the Blacksmith and Aba share some Father-Daughter time.

Paul and the Old Gent, Part 2[edit]

After helping their balloon get off the ground, you'll find their craft land at Port Town, and they appear on the 2nd screen, between Chiko's Mom and the Old Map Lady. Apparently, the craft has been shaken loose and 3 of Paul's possessions have gone missing!

You can let the Old Gent "shake" you down (pardon the pun) for descriptions of where the items may be, or you can use this list:

  • Royal Candy: Lon Lon Ranch, near the small bridge slightly east of the Crop circle in B2.
  • Star Badge: Cape Treasure, by the treasure orb in B1 and guarded by 2 turtles.
  • Trading Card: Sunshine Seashore, Isolated part of B1 just North of the landing spot. You have to go into B2 and around the treeline to get to it.

Not only will you receive rupees for each of the 3 items you sell back to him, but for finding all 3 you are rewarded with 14,000 rupees and the Spender Emblem Rupee Good.

Baron, the Masked Demon[edit]

On Mount Desma, on a plateau right next to the Yamatami that teaches you how to scale the mountain, is a lone digging spot that drops you into a secret grotto.

To get there, you must first scale the mountain and drop down again where you hit the button to lower the ladder.

Inside, a disembodied voice will talk for a bit, before asking you to challenge him. If you pick "Yes", Baron will drop down and you can begin fighting.

The problem with Baron is only a Drifter Bodyguard can defeat him. Using any other Bodyguard will deplete their energy extremely quickly, as well as doing about 800-1000 rupees of damage to Tingle per second, and failing to kill Baron makes you "lose" and you must re-enter the grotto to try again.

Upon defeating Baron with any of the Drifters, that bodyguard will tell you a story (It varies depending on whom you used to defeat him), and then purchase his Demon's Mask for a varying amount of Rupees:

  • Ronny: 23,000 rupees
  • Yamouri: 20,000 rupees
  • Teddy Todo: 18,000 rupees