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  • Walther PPK (called Wolfram PP7 for copyright reasons)-A silenced semi-automatic pistol. Standard issue on all missions.
  • Wright Magnum -A low magazine capacity high power revolver. Once attained, will default as your backup weapon.
  • Serum gun -A non-lethal gun that temporarily turns an enemy against his comrades.
  • Golden gun (multiplayer only)
  • Platinum gun (multiplayer only)


  • Kronen SMG -A basic fully automatic Carl Gustav 45-styled submachine gun with a high rate of fire and a large clip size.
  • Assault rifle -A fully automatic AK-47 with higher bullet damage but a slower rate of fire


  • Grenade -A thrown explosive set on a timer. Useful for taking out enemies behind cover.
  • Bazooka -A high powered RPG launcher that launches a rocket. Impractical for personnel, but useful for destroying vehicles.


  • Bosch shotgun -A pump action shotgun. Although powerful at short range, it is of little use against enemies at a distance. It is highly useful against vehicles.
  • Sniper rifle -A bolt action sniper rifle that's useful for long range targets, even though you only practically use it in one main and one bonus mission
  • Armor piercing rifle -An extremely high powered bolt action rifle that finds its target no matter what bulletproof shields, boxes, or walls are in the way. Ammo is limited. No special ammo available.
  • Radioactive gun (multiplayer only)
  • Minigun (enemy only)- A multi-barrel Gatling gun with high damage and high rate of fire.


  • Q-Armor- Your body armor
  • Laser watch- A watch that can emit a powerful laser, that can be used to destroy certain objects, and people. If it should overheat, it must cool down.
  • Rappel belt- A belt that can be used to climb up walls with a hook and rope.
  • Q-copter- a remote-controlled helicopter with an on-board camera. Can be used to detonate, killing enemies or destroying electronic door locks and obstacles.
  • Sonic cufflinks- Small devices that can temporarily stun enemies.
  • Briefcase turret- A suitcase with an automatic small minigun inside that automatically shoots at enemies. Only works for a certain period of time.