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Box artwork for Fuuun Shourinken.
Fuuun Shourinken
System(s)Family Computer Disk System
Followed byFuuun Shourin Ken: Ankoku no Maou
SeriesFuuun Shourin Ken
Japanese title風雲少林拳
Release date(s)
Family Computer Disk System icon.png Family Computer Disk System
ModesSingle player
LinksFuuun Shourin Ken ChannelSearchSearch

Fuuun Shourin Ken (風雲少林拳 Furigana: ふううんしょうりんけん?, lit. Elements of the Shaolin Fist) is a 1987 one-on-one fighting game developed and published by Jaleco for the Family Computer Disk System.

In Fuuun Shourin Ken, you control a rising martial artist who strives to defeat other great fighters. To do so, you must utilize a wide array of attacks to defeat your opponent before they knock you out first. You will compete in six different scenes against 13 different opponents. The game follows in the vein of Yie Ar Kung-Fu, and predates the original Street Fighter by only a couple of months. It features similar concepts such as a distinction between punch and kick attacks, relative directions, and a health bar for each fighter, depicted as a series of paper fans.

In 1988, a followup titled Fuuun Shourin Ken: Ankoku no Maou was released, which combined on-on-one fighting gameplay with visual novel cut scenes and choices to determine how the story plays out.

Note that this game is commonly mistaken as "Fuuun Shaolin Kyo" throughout the internet. This is not the correct pronunciation of the title in Japanese. The furigana provided for the title above the kanji, as depicted on the cover art, shows ken not kyo.


Attacks in this game are initiated by a direction, or a direction button combination. The direction that you input is relative to the direction that you are facing. The chart below assumes that your fighter is facing right. Mirror the input if your fighter is facing left. Note that your character will not automatically turn around if the opponent is behind you. You must instruct your fighter to do so by pressing the appropriate direction. Refer to the chart below for a full listing.

  • A button: The A button is only used to jump on stages 9 and 10, and to throw a sword on stages 11 through 13.
  • Start button: Press the Start button to pause the action mid-game.
Fuuun Shourinken player.png
(facing right)
No button With B button
Arcade-Stick-Up.png High Jump Jump Kick
Arcade-Stick-UR.png High Punch High Kick
Arcade-Stick-Right.png Step forward Kick
Arcade-Stick-DR.png Punch Nothing: does not move.
Arcade-Stick-Down.png Crouching Punch Foot Sweep Kick
Arcade-Stick-DL.png Back Flip Nothing: does not move.
Arcade-Stick-Left.png Step back
(or turn around)
Reverse Low Kick
Arcade-Stick-UL.png Forward Flip Reverse High Kick


Stages 1 & 2[edit]

Fuuun Shourinken FDS Lee-Pairun.png
The first two fighters that you encounter, Lee-Pairun and Lee-Shaorun, are young kung-fu masters. They will attack with a set of moves that are similar to your own. Many attacks are effective against them, including crouching punches, foot sweep kicks, high punches and jump kicks when you are the proper distance apart (approximately two body-lengths). Lee-Shaorun isn't much more challenging than Lee-Pairun, except that he has a higher tendency to leap about. Fuuun Shourinken FDS Lee-Shaorun.png
Stages 1 & 2

Stages 3 & 4[edit]

Fuuun Shourinken FDS Kuan-Taren.png
Kuan-Taren and Kuan-Yuen are giant fighters. As a result, you will find certain attack ineffective against them, including a high punch or kick, and foot sweep kicks. However, jump kicks, low kicks, and crouching punches work fairly well. You can actually leap up to the blue structures off the floor and attack from those platforms. You will do significant damage if you manage to hit them in the head with a sweep kick. Both Kuans attack with powerful kicks that have incredible reach. In addition, when they perform powerful kicks, the screen shakes, and you will fall off the platforms if you happen to be standing on them. You are generally safe from attack if you stay inside their range. A gourd of some kind will float across the screen during your fight with Kuan-Taren in stage 3. Its purpose is not fully known at this time. Fuuun Shourinken FDS Kuan-Yuen.png
Stages 3 & 4

Stages 5 & 6[edit]

Fuuun Shourinken FDS Wang-Fu.png
These two round Chinese kung-fu masters attack with a variety of weird attacks. Wang-Fu starts each battle by summoning a bowling ball of sorts which he will bounce back off his stomach. You'll need to leap off the ground to avoid getting hit. He also has the ability to dash forward, leading with his stomach, in an attempt to mow you down. Pao-Chu is even weirder. He seems to have the ability to blow up a balloon which resembles his head. The balloon will float to the sky before popping, releasing two smaller versions of his head which can damage you if they hit. He will also summon a bouncing ball which travels one way across the screen. Both fighters are rather susceptible to high punches and kick when they are not attacking. Fuuun Shourinken FDS Pao-Chu.png
Stages 5 & 6

Stages 7 & 8[edit]

Fuuun Shourinken FDS Fuei.png
Fuei and Ryan are a special pair of fighters who possess the ability to project double instances of themselves at one time. They will start out with one instance of themselves stacked on the shoulders of the other before leaping off and attacking you with both visions. Little more distinguishes Fuei and Ryan than that which separates Lee-Pairun and Lee-Shaorun. In fact, despite the fact that there are two of them, they fight identically to the first pair of fighters you encountered. As such, they are susceptible to the same set of attacks. Since they try to reunite at certain points, it's surprisingly easy to trap them in a corner and defeat them with crouching punches if you position yourself just right. Fuuun Shourinken FDS Ryan.png
Stages 7 & 8

Stages 9 & 10[edit]

Fuuun Shourinken FDS Raichen.png
Raichen and Yuechen are a pair of ancient wizards, who can tap into schools of knowledge that allow for powers such as levitation and pyrokinesis. They both have the ability to rise up in the air and float there for an extended period of time. While there, they like to attack by showering you with a trio of fireballs. While Raichen has a tendency to stay on the ground for a while before returning to the air, Yuechen's visits to the ground are extremely brief, making fighting him an extremely arduous task. Additionally, Yuechen will surround himself with a circle of fireballs when his meter is down to one fan, but these fireballs do not hurt as badly as the ones he throws at you. To help you fight against these hovering opponents, you can press the A button button on these stages to leap high into the air, and follow it up with an attack. Low kicks are extremely effective against these two when performed in mid-air. A good strategy is to face the left edge of the screen, and wait for the old men to float over there before you leap up and attack. Fuuun Shourinken FDS Yuechen.png
Stages 9 & 10

Stages 11, 12 & 13[edit]

Fuuun Shourinken FDS Gyoku-Ryu.png
The last scene takes place over three stages, as opposed to two. The three opponents are primarily the same fighter, but the conditions of the scene change. All three men, Gyoku-Ryu, Rai-Ryu, and Ten-Ryu, are kings of kung-fu, and have the ability to toss explosive blasts at your feet. In addition, they cannot be defeated by normal means. Even if you remove all of the fans from their health meter, they will not fall unless you perform one specific action. In each stage, a sword will appear on a column. Once you pick it up, you can launch it forward with A button. If you hit the fighters in the face with a sword when they are sufficiently low on health, they will be defeated. You must hit them in the head, no where else will work. Once you toss it, you will have to pick up another one if you missed. In Stage 11, the position of the sword remains fixed. In Stage 12, the position of the sword moves about from column to column until you collect it. Stage 13 is just like Stage 12, except that the sword is invisible. You must leap about the room and listen for the sound that indicates that you have collected the sword before you attempt to throw it at Ten-Ryu's head and beat him. Fuuun Shourinken FDS Rai-Ryu.png
Fuuun Shourinken FDS Ten-Ryu.png
Stages 11, 12 & 13

Bonus stages[edit]

After defeating the three kings, you are given an ending message, and the game continues on at Stage 14. Stages 14 through 26 are a repeat of the first 13 stages, only the opponents are more difficult in some way. Additionally, you can't store extra health meters like you can in the original stages. The following table explains how things change.

Stages Fighters Description
14 & 15 Shadows The Shadows are just like Lee-Pairun and Lee-Shaorun, only the scenery is invisible, and you and your opponents are only silhouettes. This doesn't necessarily make the fight more difficult, but what does make them harder is their ability to suddenly rise up in the air and spit three fireballs down at you. They come in three waves of three before the fighters return to the ground. Beyond that, you will be fine if you stick to the strategies that you used in the first two stages.
16 & 17 Hong-Wang & Hei-Wang Hong-Wang and Hei-Wang are much tougher opponents than Kuan-Taren and Kuan-Yuen. Their legs are still vulnerable to your attacks, but it takes far more hits to damage them. As a result, jumping up to the platforms to attack their heads becomes much more useful. However, while Hong-Wang still knocks you down with his powerful kicks, Hei-Wang actually has the ability to throw a fireball at you if you dare to jump up. If you're going to do it, time your attack carefully.
18 & 19 Mo-Ton & Mo-Zhu Mo-Ton is very much like Wang-Fu, except he now possesses the ability to spit tiny little copies of his head at you (much like the two that pop out of Pao-Chu's balloon attack). Pao-Chu also has this power. Aside from that, they aren't really that different, and are essentially still the two easiest opponents.
20 & 21 Double Shadows Just as with stages 14 & 15, these fights will be conducted against a blue background with only the silhouettes of you and your opponents showing. In fact, these shadows don't even have any new tricks, so they're just like Fuei and Ryan. They can even be trapped in the corner like them.
22 & 23 Yaxing & Minzu Aside from the fact that they seem a little stronger, and that the screen shudders with lightning whenever these old wizards toss out fireballs, there doesn't appear to be any significant difference between them and Raichen and Yuechen. Still, they are two of the tougher opponents, so it won't be an easy fight.
24, 25 & 26 Yu-Long, Lei-Long & Tian-Long These devil kings have acquired no new abilities, but they certainly have increased in strength, with several of their attacks easily removing one complete fan from your health meter. In addition, the sword is still needed to defeat them, but it does less damage, so you'll need to bring them closer to death than you had to previously.