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Box artwork for Galaga: Destination Earth.
Galaga: Destination Earth
Developer(s)Pipe Dream Interactive
Publisher(s)Hasbro Interactive
Year released2000
System(s)Game Boy Color
ModesSingle player
Rating(s)ESRB Everyone
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This guide is for Game Boy Color version. For the original, see Galaga: Destination Earth.


There are four stages, each containing four waves:

  • The explorer fleet
  • The rings of Saturn
  • The alien planet
  • The battle on the Moon

Once you clear the fourth wave on the battle on the Moon, the game loops to the first stage on wave 5.


There are three enemies in this game:

Green bug image

The green bug appears first. It makes a cross-over pattern that can be mostly wiped out by attacking the formation just left or right of the two crossover points. In later stages, additional green bugs will fly directly from the top.

Purple bug image

The purple bugs appear next, but only in a single group of four. These bugs require more than one hit to destroy, and can use a tractor beam to capture one of your ships. They approach from behind, but do not damage the ship on contact and do not cross over. The best way to defeat them is to shoot at them when they approach the center line. However, destroying them while in formation gives the best chance for them to drop a powerup (a small green object moving in a wave).

Yellow bug image

The yellow bugs appear last, in waves of four or eight (depending on number of bugs remaining).

The enemies will fly into formation, a spaced rectangle 8 units across and 3 units deep with the four tractor aliens behind the formation, and an empty space between aliens. If your ship gets captured by a tractor alien, it will be placed in the center of the green alien row.

Enemies will generally hold formation for a few seconds. From time to time, they will make a swooping attack, firing a single fast shot mid-flight.


Passwords can be used to start at any given stage. You begin with no points and three lives, regardless of your previous situation. In addition, you will only receive a password if you quit the game; losing all lives will provide no password.

  • DCXFYT: The explorer fleet, wave 9.