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Ganbare Goemon 2 Stage 3 map.png

The third stage of the game takes place in the region of Shikoku. Skikoku is the smallest and least populous of the four main islands of Japan, located south of Honshu and east of the island of Kyushu. Its name refers to the four former provinces that made up the island: Awa, Tosa, Sanuki, and Iyo. In this stage, you will find a few vertical passages that connection a few sections, including a very long set of stairs that you must climb in order to reach a shrine at the top. There's also a section composed of a chain of islands. Search everywhere for the two hidden passages and the dungeon in order to find the Passes that you need to advance to the next stage.

Section 1[edit]

Reminder: These maps are very long. Use the scrollbar below the maps to see the entire section if it does not fit inside your browser.

Ganbare Goemon 2 Stage 3 section 1.png
a Leads to Section 2
A Restaurant: 60 (starting price)
B Inn: 120 / 240 / 360
C Bath House: 120
D Gambling
E Armor: 160 (starting price)
F Onigiri: 150, Armor: 160, Candle 120 (starting prices)
G Onigiti: 150 (starting price)

Section 2[edit]

Ganbare Goemon 2 Stage 3 section 2.png
a Leads to Section 1
b Leads to Section 4
c Leads to Section 3
H Show House: 60 (starting price)
I "Watch out for stray dogs. They'll bite you!"
J Candle: 120, Talisman: 200, Armor: 160 (starting prices)
K Restaurant: 60 (starting price)
L Elephant: 200, Onigiri: 150, Pass: 400 (starting prices)
M Inn: 120 / 240 / 360

Section 3[edit]

Ganbare Goemon 2 Stage 3 section 3.png
c Leads to Section 2
d Leads to Section 5
M "This is Awa Province. To the left you'll see the currents of Naruto.
N Armor: 160 (starting price)
Ganbare Goemon 2 Stage 3 dungeon.png
Dungeon entrance: 200
You'll find the map fairly early on, near the entrance. From there, explore to the east first to collect a trio of treasures (including an extra life), before checking out the west path which leads to one more treasure (the Pass), and ultimately the exit.
P Restaurant: 60 (starting price)
Q Extra life: 600 (starting price)
R Pass: 300, Hourglass: 150, Hat: 120 (starting price)

Section 4[edit]

Ganbare Goemon 2 Stage 3 section 4.png

This section is composed of a rotting out bridge that connects Sections 2 and 6. Although it serves as a shortcut, it is a little dangerous, and should probably be avoided. You must jump over the broken portions of the bridge to avoid falling into the gaps and losing a life.

In addition to the regular enemies that appear here, two different Japanese deities appear. Fūjin, the god of wind, attacks by blowing a leaf at you, while Raijin, the god of thunder, throws a lighting bolt at you.

Section 5[edit]

Ganbare Goemon 2 Stage 3 section 5.png

This is actually a very short passage connecting Sections 3 and 5. Very few enemies will show up. You can jump by the stump at the bottom for a speed-up mask, or by the stump at the top for a lucky cat.

Section 6[edit]

Ganbare Goemon 2 Stage 3 section 6.png
e Leads to Section 4
f Leads to Section 5
g Leads to Section 9
h Leads to Section 7
R "Have you donated to the shrine yet?"
S "Welcome back, hero of the tuna fish! To get to the next level… Ah, I'm in the wrong game! I'm so sorry!"
T Inn: 120 / 240 / 360
U "I am mystery Chinese man. I tell quality joke. Straw hats past their heyday! … You no laugh."
V "Zzz Zzz… Zzz Zzz…"
W Restaurant: 60 (starting price)
X Onigiri: 150 (starting price)

Section 7[edit]

Ganbare Goemon 2 Stage 3 section 7a.png
Ganbare Goemon 2 Stage 3 section 7b.png

When you first enter this section from Section 6, you begin on the bottom of the map on the left. You must jump from step to step, in an effort to reach the top (shown to the right) where a portal leads to Section 8.

Along the way, various guards will attack you. You must also be on the lookout for birds who try to attack you with their droppings as you make your way to the top. Shoot them before they can shoot you.

Heading down the steps is a much easier task than going up. Simply push down and press jump to fall through the floors. You cannot be harmed by falling no matter how far you drop.

Section 8[edit]

Ganbare Goemon 2 Stage 3 section 8.png

Watch out for the monkeys in this section, as they can steal some of your items if you're not careful.

i Leads to Section 7
Y Fortune teller: 80
Z Pass: 400 (starting price)

Section 9[edit]

Ganbare Goemon 2 Stage 3 section 9.png


Ganbare Goemon 2 Stage 3 underground a.png
Ganbare Goemon 2 Stage 3 underground b.png

The first underground tunnel connects Sections 1 and 3. In it, you find a Pass and some money.

The second underground tunnel connects Sections 2 and 6. Along with the Pass that it provides, it's actually a much safe alternative than using the bridge in Section 4 to travel between the same locations.