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Ganbare Goemon 2 Stage 4 map.png

The fourth stage of the game takes place in the region of Chugoku. The Chūgoku region is the westernmost region of Honshū, the largest island of Japan. This stage is peculiar in a number of ways. First, it has no secret underground passages. Second, it has not one, but two dungeons, and the entrance to them is free. Third, you will encounter a boss battle near the stage exit. Several vertical passages connect two lower sections with the two upper sections. There are a number of new enemies, including white rabbits, and rolling bales of hay. There is also a short, fast moving enemy in long white sleeves who has a tendency to steal items from you if you let him get close enough.

Section 1[edit]

Reminder: These maps are very long. Use the scrollbar below the maps to see the entire section if it does not fit inside your browser.

Ganbare Goemon 2 Stage 4 section 1.png
a Leads to Section 2
b Leads to Section 3
c Leads to Section 7
A Gambling (pick a number)
B Onigiri: 200 (starting price)
C Restaurant: 80 (starting price)
D Arrow Man: 250, Hourglass: 250, Talisman: 250 (starting prices)
E Inn: 160 / 320 / 480

Section 2[edit]

Ganbare Goemon 2 Stage 4 section 2.png

This is an unusually populated vertical section that connects Sections 1 and 4. Be sure to check out the dungeon entrance on your way through.

a Leads to Section 1
d Leads to Section 4
F Hat: 200, Candle: 150, Onigiri: 200 (starting prices)
G "Zzz Zzz… Zzz Zzz…"
H Onigiri: 200 (starting price)
I Restaurant: 80 (starting price)
Ganbare Goemon 2 Stage 4 dungeon a.png
This is a fairly long dungeon, but you don't have to worry about getting lost; the map is present just a few steps from the entrance. Pick it up and wind your way through the tunnels until you find all of the treasures, including the Pass, and then head to the exit.
K Hourglass: 300 (starting price)

Section 3[edit]

Ganbare Goemon 2 Stage 4 section 3.png

Section 3, like Section 2, is a vertical path that connects Sections 1 and 4. However, this section is slightly more dangerous because of all the pits that you can fall into while trying to navigate the narrow paths. Other than the store at the bottom, it offers very little, and is probably best avoided altogether.

b Leads to Section 1
e Leads to Section 4
L Onigiri: 200 (starting price)

Section 4[edit]

Ganbare Goemon 2 Stage 4 section 4.png
d Leads to Section 2
e Leads to Section 3
f Leads to Section 5
M Extra life: 750 (starting price)
N Restaurant: 80 (starting price)
O Fortune teller: 100
P Hat: 200 (starting price)
Q Candle: 150 (starting price)
R Armor: 200 (starting price)

Section 5[edit]

Ganbare Goemon 2 Stage 4 section 5.png
f Leads to Section 4
g Leads to Section 6
S Restaurant: 75 (starting price)
T "Onward young man, and become as great as the Sea of Japan!"
U "Please be nice to the white rabbits."

Section 6[edit]

This is another vertical section which is as dangerous as Section 3, but longer. It connects Sections 5 and 7. Unlike Section 3, this section has another cave entrance to a dungeon that you should investigate.

g Leads to Section 5
h Leads to Section 7
Ganbare Goemon 2 Stage 4 dungeon b.png
This is the second dungeon of this stage, and it's just as big as the first. Ironically, if you collected the map from the first dungeon, you will be able to see the map of this dungeon even before you locate and collect its map. Use this to your advantage and identify all the places you should investigate before reaching the exit.
W Bath House: 150 (starting price)
X Hourglass: 300, Elephant: 250, Arrow Man: 250 (starting prices)
Ganbare Goemon 2 Stage 4 section 6.png

Section 7[edit]

Ganbare Goemon 2 Stage 4 section 7.png
f Leads to Section 4
g Leads to Section 6
Y Restaurant: 80 (starting price)
Z Onigiri: 200 (starting price)
A "Welcome to Kanbe's Secret House! How did you get here? You must be pretty smart!"
B Onigiri: 200, Armor: 200, Candle: 150 (starting price)
C Restaurant: 80 / 80 / 100 (starting prices)
D Bath House: 150 (starting prices)
! If you strike this statue, you will be taken to hell.

Section 8[edit]

Ganbare Goemon 2 Stage 4 section 8.png

Ganbare Goemon 2 Stage 4 boss.png

By the time you reach this section, you probably have found the two passes in both of the dungeons, but you may be wondering where the third pass can be obtained. When you start heading to the gate, a boss will appear and challenge you. This boss is nothing more than a gigantic peach. It moves around in a circle, and does not attack you directly. However, as it moves around, it opens itself up and releases little red and blue demons who come chasing after you. Very little strategy is required to defeat the peach. Simply stand on the right side of the screen and shoot coins at it. If you stand far enough away, the demons will be hit by your coins as they approach you. Keep hitting the peach with coins until it is defeated, and it will release the third Pass, allowing you to proceed to the next stage.


Ganbare Goemon 2 Stage 4 hell.png

As with Stage 2, striking one of the red scarfed statues will send you to hell, where you will be forced to run to the right until you can find a statue to strike that will return you to the game. While you do get some Ryo for killing enemies, it's generally a bad idea to come down here, since you are likely to take a good deal of damage during your escape.