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Ganbare Goemon 2 Stage 9 map.png

The ninth stage of the game takes place in the region of Ezo. Known in the modern day as the Hokkaido region, it is the second largest island of Japan, and the largest and northernmost prefecture. Compared to the complexity of the previous stages, this stage is actually fairly simple and straightforward. It only consists of five sections, one of which is extraordinarily long, and one of which you don't even need to visit if you don't want to. There's a pass in the only underground section, which can be found right where you begin, and a pass in the dungeon maze. In order to obtain the third pass and escape, you'll have to challenge and defeat a large bear. Note that there is no store in this stage that sells Armor or any of the passes.

Section 1[edit]

Reminder: These maps are very long. Use the scrollbar below the maps to see the entire section if it does not fit inside your browser.

Ganbare Goemon 2 Stage 9 section 1.png
a Leads to Section 2
b Leads to Section 3
A Gambling (small or big)

Section 2[edit]

Ganbare Goemon 2 Stage 9 section 2.png
a Leads to Section 1
B Hat: 400, Candle: 300, Onigiri: 450 (starting prices)
C Restaurant: 180 (starting price)

This section is entirely optional, and only needs to be visited if you wish to shop in either of the buildings.

Section 3[edit]

Ganbare Goemon 2 Stage 9 section 3.png
b Leads to Section 1
c Leads to Section 4
d Leads to Section 5
D Hot bath: 300 (starting price)
E Inn: 360 / 720 / 1080
F "I tell joke no more. I am sick of life."

Section 4[edit]

Ganbare Goemon 2 Stage 9 section 4.png
c Leads to Section 3
Ganbare Goemon 2 Stage 9 dungeon.png
Dungeon Entrance: 500
As the last dungeon maze that you must explore, it is naturally the most complex. Fortunately, the map is waiting for you just a few short steps south of where you begin. Once you collect it, you can see how all of the treasures are arranged around the dungeon. Among the treasures, you can find an extra life in the alley that's south from where you began, provided you're willing to walk all the way down to the bottom, over to the east, and back up to collect it. The Pass you are seeking can be found in top left horizontal hallway above the exit. All of the rest of the treasures are coin boxes.
H Hourglass: 500, Elephant: 500, Mr. Arrow: 500 (starting prices)

Section 5[edit]

Ganbare Goemon 2 Stage 9 section 5.png
d Leads to Section 4
e Leads to boss
I Hat: 400, Onigiri: 450, Hourglass: 500 (starting prices)


Ganbare Goemon 2 Stage 9 boss.png

To obtain the third Pass of the stage, you must defeat this large bear that guards the gate. This bear has a preference for running up to people, picking them up and throwing them over his shoulder. Whenever the bear lines up with you, vertically or horizontally, it will pause for a moment before rushing over to you. If it manages to touch you, it will toss you into the air, which will damage you. This fight will be very tough with only a Level 1 weapon, and it will be substantially easier with a Level 2 weapon. For Goemon in particular, the Level 3 weapon can actually come very much in handy here, since the bear constantly moves in your direction. You can drop the firecrackers on the ground while you run away from the bear, and they will rush toward it. Hit the bear enough times until he is defeated. Then a tiny bear will appear and run off the stag before the pass will fall from the sky.


Ganbare Goemon 2 Stage 9 underground.png

This underground passage connects Section 1 with Section 5. Along with the pass it contains, it has some health restoring food as well as the health extending package. If you have already collected the previous two packages, and your health meter is at 16 bars, all the package will do for you is replenish all of your lost health.