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  • O and P: Use these keys to make Garfield move left and right; you can also press M to make him jump in the "Skiing" and "Skating" levels (in the "Chocolate Factory" level, you will have to press Q to make him jump instead, as M makes him turn the flow meters to their next setting, and you can also press S in this level to make him pick the objects up). Q and S will also make Garfield move up and down in the "Skating" level - but in the Amiga version, you will have to use a joystick instead (with Space to pause the game, Enter to restart the current level after pausing it, and Esc to restart the game completely, but you should only do the last if you have no chance of finishing the current level with the time you have).


GAWT Garfield.png

The world's favourite fat, lazy cat (who is, again, depicted as white in the ZX and CPC versions due to technical limitations) returns for a second outing on the Sinclair ZX Spectrum, Amstrad CPC, Commodore 64 and Commodore Amiga; after spending the entire day in the kitchen, he fell asleep in his box (in front of the still-open icebox) and started to dream of the Alps (reminding him of Northern Italy, which in turn reminded him of lasagna), and, as the dream continued, he also remembered that Switzerland was just on the other side of the Alps (which reminded him of chocolate). However, once he had gone into the Chocolate Factory in the dream, he learned of the mythical "Chicken that Lays the Golden Eggs" (who is not "prankster gangster" Roy or "worm-hunter" Booker) - and the chase was on.