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  • O, P, Q, and A: In the ZX and CPC versions, you will have to use these four keys to make Garfield walk left and right, jump, and pick up or drop objects; you can also press M to make him kick (with Q to make him walk through a doorway, and A to make him use, or eat, an object) and H to pause the game. However, in the C64 and Amiga versions, you will have to use a joystick for it instead - and, in the former, you can also press Space to pause the game, F1 on the title screen to turn the music (a remix of that then-new Film Roman television series' original theme, Friends are There to Help You Get Started, used in the first two seasons) on or off and F3 on the same screen to turn the sound effects on or off.


GBFHD Garfield.png

The world's favourite fat, lazy cat (who is depicted as white in the ZX Spectrum version of the game due to technical limitations) is the protagonist of the game; after waking up and realising it is Monday (his least favourite day of the week!), he is told by his owner, John Arbuckle, that his girlfriend, Arlene (who never appeared in the show) has been taken to the City Pound. He then tries to find Odie the dog (so he can go to the Pound on his behalf), but he cannot find him, so he has to go there himself - and it is not going to be an easy task, as John has locked the refrigerator (but he thinks he will be okay as long as the aforementioned Odie and Nermal can help him). Just like in the strips (and the show they begat), Garfield occasionally gets hungry, and a lot of the objects in the game will look edible to him when he gets hungry enough; however, some of them will be useful to him when he finds the Pound and has to get into it so you will have to keep his energy up and try not to let him get too tired to prevent him from eating them (because if he eats them, there will be no way for him to rescue Arlene).