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The bosses in this game consist of the traitorous advisers who decieved the emperor into conspiring to gain the immortality from the four heroes who had loyally served him. They have each taken on a powerful form.


The first boss in the game that takes the form of a giant scarecrow. Take a moment to observe his attack pattern and make note of the timing. When you see a window of opportunity, try spamming combo attacks or directional pad skills, then quickly switch to blocking when the Scarecrow begins to unleash his attacks. Unfortunately, you won't be able to avoid being thrown back by the Scarecrow's more devastating attacks, but the damage should be nominal if you were blocking at the moment the attack occurred.

Alternatively, you can play it safe by persistently keeping your character in block mode and carefully timing counterattacks. Counterattack skills are particularly strong against bosses.

Twisted Man[edit]

Before approaching the boss, try to clear any enemies and enemy generators from the area, otherwise they'll interrupt you during the fight.

Just like with the Scarecrow, try to switch between spamming directional pad skills and blocking. The Twisted Man has a particularly annoying maneuver that allows him to draw characters toward him, stunning them in the process. When you see him readying this skill, be sure to move an appropriate distance away, then focus on dishing out ranged attacks.


The Golem can't be attacked directly; instead, you must draw the Golem toward the large stone pillars scattered throughout the area. The Golem's attacks will cause the pillars to crumble, making the sorcerers standing on top of them fall to the ground. Once the Golem has destroyed all the pillars, take out each of the sorcerers. Without their magic to sustain the Golem, the Golem will immediately perish.

High Magistrate[edit]

The High Magistrate has a repertoire of offensive magic at his disposal, similar to the skills available to the Wizard character. Given the range of his spells, it's quite difficult to avoid sustaining any damage during this fight, and even more difficult to set up counterattacks. If you have sufficient Health, you may as well rush in and spam directional pad skills in hopes of defeating the boss as quickly as possible; otherwise keep your distance, persistently block, and unleash the occasional ranged shot when the opportunity presents itself.

Great Troll[edit]

Try to draw the boss into the previous chamber, as the enemy generators found in the boss room will spawn enemies indefinitely. Once you're one-on-one with the boss, deploy the typical boss strategies: Block while the boss is attacking, then spam directional pad skills when it's idle; or persistently hold the block button, then start timing counterattacks.

Note: Don't forget to grab the chest in the center of the boss chamber, as it contains the game's best weapon upgrades available to each character.


Turned into a giant demon, Caldera can be destroyed only by firing ballistas at him. You'll move through a series of isolated platforms, each containing two or three switches and a giant ballista. Activate the switches to load the ballistas, then fire them in succession. After a ballista has been fired, you'll find a nearby switch that's used to raise a bridge leading from one platform to the next.

Much later into the stage, you'll find a bridge that no longer functions. What you need to do is push the two large, adjacent stones together to activate a teleporter that will teleport you to the final platform.

Note: Don't forget to grab the chest at the very beginning of the stage, as it contains the game's best armor upgrades available to each character. You'll have an opportunity to save your character data — and thus retain the armor upgrade — once the stage is completed.