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"The Warrior"[edit]

  • Name:Adalbrandr
  • Home: Sudurhofn, Heima
  • Age: 345
  • Weapons:
    • Long-Ranged weapon: Heima throwing ax
    • 1-The Ram Fang Ax
    • 2-The Death Ram Battle Ax
    • 3-The Doom Ram War Ax
    • 4-The Spikes of Vengeance Ax
    • 5-The Legendary Arm of Thunder Ax

Adalbrandr has more powerful close attacks than any other character, but his ranged weapon is weak. His skills cause high damage, but are slow. He is often limited to melee attacks, and his skills usually aim in one single direction.

"The Elf"[edit]

  • Name: Idain
  • Home: Egelwyr
  • Age: 301
  • Weapons:
  • Long-Ranged weapon: Magical Elven Bow
    • 1-The Scorpion Sting Blade
    • 2-The Serpents Fang Blade
    • 3-The Dragons Jaw Blade
    • 4-The Spirit Spike Blade
    • 5-The Legendary Dark Glove of Pain Blade

Idain can move more quickly than any other character, and can swing his weapon quicker as well. However, his attack power is very low. His Long-Ranged weapon is the most powerful.

"The Valkyrie"[edit]

  • Name: Ragnheidur
  • Home: Nordis, Heima
  • Age: 320
  • Weapons:
    • Long-Ranged weapon: Heima throwing stars
    • 1-The Hawk Sword
    • 2-The Twin Raptors Battle Sword
    • 3-The Scarlet Falcon War Sword
    • 4-The Dark Eagle Sword
    • 5-The Legendary Avenging Harpy Sword

Ragnheidur is the jack-of-all-trades character and the only female. She is the recommended beginning character. Her highest level armor offers the most protection out of all of others.

"The Wizard"[edit]

  • Name: Madoc
  • Home: The Dowlrach, Gwaedmae
  • Age: 406
  • Weapons:
    • Long-Ranged weapon: Magical Blasts
    • 1-The Eagles Claw Staff
    • 2-The Screaming Demon Staff
    • 3-The Shadow Demon Staff
    • 4-The Omen Staff of Doom
    • 5-The Legendary Staff of Desolation

Madoc has weapons with the same low strength as the elf, and has the worst armor. However, he has the best skills out of any other character; his higher-level skills are very devastating, making him a good end-game character.