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The floors of this world. Numbers relate to floor numbers. Yellow numbers are treasure floors, blue numbers are clue floors.

Your journey begins in the Castle World. Since it exists on the edge of the Veil, other mortals have ventured into the Castle. Many explorers have risked life and limb to bring back what little is known about the Castle.

Suggested path for World 1: 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10-11-12-13-14-15-16-19

Level 1[edit]

Gauntlet- Room 01

In the upper right hand corner (by all the ghosts) there is a secret exit to Level 5. Shoot the walls to find it.

Level 2[edit]

Gauntlet- Room 02

Two ways to complete this level. Either go to the right and get less items but food, or go to the left and get gold.

Level 3[edit]

Gauntlet- Room 03

Be careful, as you're collecting the treasure in the left areas there will be a massive pile up of ghosts in the right blocking the exit. The ghosts only take a small amount of your health, but all of those ghosts could be a big threat.

Level 4[edit]

Gauntlet- Room 04

The exit will be positioned randomly. You have 30 seconds to find it. Start by going left to grab the key - you'll want it for getting all the treasure in the next level. Then work your way around the outside of the room grabbing treasure while you look for the exit.

Level 5[edit]

Gauntlet- Room 05

Lots of gold in the upper left hand room. If you have an extra key you should use it here. Just to the right of the treasure room is a secret exit to Level 9. You have to shoot a wall to find it, but it's there.

Level 6[edit]

Gauntlet- Room 06

Basically start at the right, go to the left, and take the exit.

Level 7[edit]

Gauntlet- Room 07

The treasure chest contains temporary invisibility. Don't waste your key. The enemies attack way faster than in other floors.

Level 8[edit]

Gauntlet- Room 08

You may want to find the exit first in order to refill your power.

Level 9[edit]

Gauntlet- Room 09

The first locked room contains food and reflective shots. The second locked room holds a Death, a potion, and a key.

Level 10[edit]

Gauntlet- Room 10

There is a false wall to the left of the first door so don't bother using a key. Also don't hit any of the magic tiles near the bottom of the room, they don't open up the way to the potion. Use the lone magic tile on the right side of the map instead.

Level 11[edit]

Gauntlet- Room 11

The treasure chest contains reflective shots. In the area with the three magic tiles, hit all of them. The lower right exit leads to Level 13, but you must find a fake wall on the lower left in order to access Level 12 first.

Level 12[edit]

Gauntlet- Room 12

This level has a ton of stuff. Five potions, food, lots of gold, and an extra shot potion. Destroy the demons carefully to prevent them from shooting the extra shot potion. Do not aim in the direction of the extra shot potion to avoid accidentally destroying it. The locked chest contains a magic tile which makes some walls in the center of the map disappear. Shoot the lone wall in the center to reveal another magic tile. Step on that to get rid of some more walls. Shoot the new wall, standing all by itself, to exit.

Level 13[edit]

Gauntlet- Room 13

Standard treasure floor affairs.

Level 14[edit]

Gauntlet- Room 14

Hit all the magic tiles to get a key and to open the way to both exits. The one to the left goes to Level 15. The one to the right goes to Level 17.Break a block on the middle wall to save a key.

Level 15[edit]

Gauntlet- Room 15

Hit all the magic tiles to open the way to Level 16. The exit in the upper left is to Level 18. The treasure chest contains nothing of value, so don't waste your key. Use a single shot to destroy a wall just north of the center of the map to get an extra armor potion upgrade.

Level 16[edit]

Gauntlet- Room 16

There are four treasure chests, but you only need two keys. Once you've hit the magic switch in either one or three, go to the food room. Between the two plates of food is a fake wall. Shoot it to reveal another magic tile. Step on it to open the way to the exit and the clue.

There are four treasure chests:

  • The top-left chest contains a magic tile which open the bottom wall of the food area.
  • The top-right chest contains a poison potion.
  • The bottom-left chest contains a magic tile which opens the top wall of the food area.
  • The bottom-right chest contains an extra magic potion!

There is a hidden key and a hidden food in the wall blocks close to the four treasure chests. These are the final wall blocks that form the line of the spiral wall.

Level 17[edit]

Gauntlet- Room 17

Both exits go to Level 18. The treasure on the bottom portion of the map contains food while the treasure on the top contains one treasure chest.

Level 18[edit]

Gauntlet- Room 18

This is a level from the arcade original. Only one secret here: in the upper right portion of the room, shoot a wall to reveal 10 super shots. It's along the very outer edge of the wall and has three other blocks touching it.

Level 19[edit]

Gauntlet- Room 19

Standard treasure floor affairs.