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The world of the Unseen holds a formidable challenge. Could you possibly be blind? The walls are not there yet they are in this watery world.

Level 63[edit]

Gauntlet- Room 63

Few of the levels in world four, the sea level, contain invisible walls. This is one. Not only is it an invisible wall, it's a labyrinth. Most move in a catacomb sort of way.

Level 64[edit]

Gauntlet- Room 64

Another invisible wall level. Remember, catacomb like.

Level 65[edit]

Gauntlet- Room 65

The two upper exits both skip the Clue Room and lead to room 67. The lower exit leads to room 66, the Clue Room.

The easiest way to the Upper Right Exit near the right wall is by going Up from the start point. Then head towards the Cluster of Ogre Spawn points. The path to the Exit is in the bottom right corner past the cluster. From there it is straight up to the Exit.

Level 66[edit]

Gauntlet- Room 66

Level 67[edit]

Gauntlet- Room 67

This room is full of Fake Exits, the only real exit to Room 68 is in the Third Row from the Top Start Point Second Exit form the Right. It is the Exit with the stun trap directly above it.

The Easiest way to make it to the Exit is by using the Transport Pads with a Diagonal Exit by pressing both Up/Left or Down/Right depending where you want to go.

Level 68[edit]

Gauntlet- Room 68

The Locked Chest in the Upper Left is a Trap, it has a Ghost Spawn inside.

The Locked Chest in the Bottom Left will give you a Bomb.

The First Locked Chest in the Bottom Right is an Energy Leach, but behind that the Second Locked Chest is hiding the Exit to Room 69.

Level 69[edit]

Gauntlet- Room 69

The Locked Chest in the Upper Left has an Invincibility Power-up.

The Teleport pads make this level a bit frustrating as it seems they teleport at random. The first, Northeast of the start point and Second From the Right wall, takes you to the far Right Pad. The Far right pad when stepped on again, takes you either back to the Second pad or to the third pad from the right. When the Third pad is stepped on, it takes you either to the Second Pad or the Fourth pad from the right.

If you make it to the Fourth Pad position, then you can continue to the exit by hugging the wall and proceeding left.

Level 70[edit]

Gauntlet- Room 70

The Clue is hidden in the wall of the Bottom Right Corner chamber.

To make it to the Exit you need to trigger the three Switch Squares. Two are obvious Middle Right, and Bottom Left Chamber, but the third is hidden in the Locked Chest in the Middle Left.

Level 71[edit]

Gauntlet- Room 71

Level 72[edit]

Gauntlet- Room 72

The left locked chest will give you an extra bomb.

Level 73[edit]

Gauntlet- Room 73

Level 74[edit]

Gauntlet- Room 74

Level 75[edit]

Gauntlet- Room 75

Level 76[edit]

Gauntlet- Room 76

Level 77[edit]

Gauntlet- Room 77

Level 78[edit]

Gauntlet- Room 78